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I need your solangelo headcanons in my life

same anon, same

  • When Nico tried to propose to Will, he didn’t know what to do. Like how does one person even propose. So, obviously, he went to Annabeth seeking for advice. She said, “You can just get on one knee and ask him to marry you. Or, you can throw him an apple, greek style. If Will is smart enough he’ll understand you meant to marry him, not to keep his doctor side away.” of course Nico just bought a ring. The apple thing seemed too… ridiculous. So okay he went back home and found Will on the kitchen, making apple juice.
  • How convenient. Just when he thought it was a ridiculous idea. 
  • Will smiles when he walks in, and still grinning, he throws him an apple saying, “Catch!”
  • And Nico catches it. And looks at Will, who’s smiling nervously, waiting for an answer. And Nico’s brain catches up with what’s happening and immediately groans and says, “Hell no!”
  • “W-what?”
  • “NOPE.”
  • “I don’t understand…”
  • “William Solace, I did not fucking buy a ring for you to throw apples at me.” And he takes the little box and throws it at Will. “If you’re going to do it, do it right. Come on. Get on one knee.”
  • “This is the weirdest moment of my life.”
  • They did get engaged though. Once the ring was in Nico’s hand they both started to laugh incontrolably because what the actual fuck just happened. 
  • Nico reads quite a lot. It’s not weird to find him with his nose buried on a book. Will usually lowers the book and says, “Cuddle time.” Nico ignores him until Will sighs, gets next to him, rests his head on his shoulder and reads the stupid novel with him. “This isn’t cuddling.”
  • “I know, it’s better. Now shut up. This book is getting interesting.” However, Nico does wraps an arm around him and uses the other one to keep reading. Nico u r a nerd.
  • Will loves watching Nico teaching. It’s like his favorite activity. One day he’s just going to the infirmary, and then catches a glimpse of Nico surrounded with his students and just goes like “okay… that infirmary can wait… yeah… just five minutes…”
  • Nico doesn’t think Will is a sunshine like everyone else does in Camp. He sometimes asks about him to other people and he’s surprised when people call Will nicknames like Sunny boy thanks to his personality. He’s mostly like a Twilight for him. And he really, really likes it. 
  • Nico doesn’t know how to surf. Will tries to teach him once, and Nico almost agreed, until he saw a huge wave and immediately thought it was just better to see his shirtless boyfriend surfing and trying it for himself.
  • Will has so. many. friends. At first, Nico is scared to be with them—there’s still some campers he doesn’t know, maybe they would judge him, maybe they would hate him—but Will just goes like “hey guys this is my boyfriend Nico. so where’s the food?”
  • And they all nod to Nico and give him food and Nico is just standing there like “wow was it that easy”
  • But the most intimidating thing was meeting Will’s mom, definitely. What would she think about his son dating another boy? Was she even aware that her son was bisexual? How did she feel about children of Hades? What if she thought he was ugly? What if—
  • “Hey mom!”
  • Oh god, no. It was happening. Nico panicked.
  • “Hey to you too, mom!”
  • Wait, what. Why did Will had two mothers? That didn’t make sense—
  • —oh. All at once Nico felt a lot better. So he wasn’t going to get murdered. Thank gods. Now he just needed them to like him.
  • Okay he was still screwed.



TAYLORRRRR!!!!! GUESS WHAT?! It turns out that my dad is almost as sneaky as you, because HE SURPRISED ME TODAY WITH FOUR TICKETS TO THE CLEVELAND SHOW ON JUNE 3RD!!!! Him and I plus my MOM and my SISTER (everyone except my brother!) ARE SEEING YOU IN ONE WEEK!!!  My dad’s been looking for tickets for WEEKS and I had no idea!!! WHAT EVEN?! I am so blown away by his kindness and generosity, and I am BEYOND EXCITED to SEE YOU IN CONCERT AS A FAM IN ONE WEEK!!!! Know that these goofballs and I will be cheering you on from OUR HOME TOWN! CAN’T. EVEN. WAIT. taylorswift tree-paine

Dean and Cas arguing about what their kid would look like
  • Dean:He'd have your eyes Cas, no doubt about it
  • Cas:Perhaps. But if we did have a child, he'd certainly inherit your smile
  • Dean:*blushes* Idk man you're smile is pretty damn cute, I'd think he'd have yours
  • Cas:Dean, do not argue about this with me. He would have YOUR smile
  • Dean:I think not
  • Cas:*Rolls eyes* For fuck sake
  • Dean:*chuckles* You're so cute when you're frustrated
  • Dean:fine but this isn't over
  • Cas:*thinking* It's not even physically possible for us to bear a child, I don't understand this
  • Cas:*sighs*
  • Dean:love you, too

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Hold the phone ... If Sakuea knows about that that tower where Sasuke actually seems to resides how did this whole mess happened in the first place ?? Sakura knowing where Sasuke is raises even more question and make Gaiden sinks even further in character assassination hell... Although I am waiting for the amount of Damage control and justification SS are gonna do with that one: "WE MUST WAIT FOR THE FULL VERSION THERE WILL BE EXPLANATION /WE SHOULD WAIT UNTIL GAIDEN IS OVER" !"

Basically from the looks of it Sakura may know full well what Sasuke has been up to and has been flat out lying to Sarada all these years over the idea of Sasuke returning, because he doesn’t look too keen on returning to Konoha anytime soon. Sasuke, from what I can tell in these translations, doesn’t give any shits about his family. He doesn’t recognize Sarada at first, then (without offering any apologies for almost skewering his daughter) angrily demands an explanation from Naruto, then dismisses his daughter’s questions and leaves without further explanation. He. Does. Not. Care. He doesn’t smile or act too concerned when he sees her, he acts annoyed. And once he’s alone with Naruto he’s smiling and relaxed. That’s not how a caring father would be behave.

And with Sakura knowing about the tower, I’m starting to think that Sakura knows the real reason why Sasuke doesn’t want to come home. It’s an answer Sarada probably wouldn’t like. And with Sasuke not bothering to answer Sarada’s question about whether or not Sakura’s her mother, not even with a simple “yes” or “no”, seems we’re still supposed to be questioning it.

My question is just whether or not Sakura regularly communicates with Sasuke and that’s how she knew about the tower, or if she heard about it from Naruto or Shikamaru.

But the full translation isn’t out yet so….idk, my answer might change after seeing the full chapter. There are a lot of pages missing after all. I’ll likely do my usual initial reactions after I read it.

Naruto Gaiden theory

Naruto fan theory

So, I found these chapter pages on Tumblr by several users and I thought I would do a bit of digging. These are all in Spanish, I believe, and Spanish is not my native tongue so I am going off the translations provided by various Tumblr users. So, (by tomorrow when the English translation comes out officially) if I am wrong and the translations are not at all correct then please disregard what this theory says. Thank you.

Theory time!

Okay so I have been a fan of Sasuke for a long time and I kind of have an idea of what is going on in his head since he is such a silent character. His face usually tells you what is going on in his mind, especially his eyes. The Uchiha eyes tell you a lot of the mental state of the user. Sasuke’s eyes are no exception to this fact. During the beginning of the Gaiden we see that Sasuke is noticeably older much more tired. He is usually someone who looks for fights and wants to intimidate his opponents into fighting him. 

 However he does not do this in this series. Sasuke is on guard during this whole story but looks almost tired doing so. His heart just is not in it. Not the way it was when he was younger. (example: Naruto and Sasuke’s fight on the roof, rock lee fight, and Sakura trying to stop him from fighting, Sasuke fighting Madara on his own during the war.)

Sasuke has been on this long mission for such a long time that he is probably missing home. Sasuke has always been all about family and friends. These are things that he holds dear. He has been on edge since that attack by Shin Uchiha. Sasuke has always been a loner but he knows his own limits which is one of the reasons why he created Team Taka, went to Orochimaru for power, and ultimately asked Naruto the seventh hokage for help.

Sakura knows the reason why he is gone which is why she hides things. Sakura has never been good at lying and acting, so of course Sarada knew something is amiss.

Here we see Sasuke tiredly getting up, slowly, and jumping down to Sarada. Sarada is happy but then attacked by her father. She knew that it was him. 

Why? If he was gone for so long wouldn’t it make more sense for Sarada to not know what he looks like now? After all we have not seen any recent family photos anywhere in their home. So, how does Sarada know and Sasuke doesn’t. Maybe she has some sort of memory of him. Meaning he has been there but for a short time. Sasuke is her father and knows that he has a daughter because he says “Is that you Sarada.” He knows her, knows of her, but still second guessed himself. Sasuke has never been one to trust people and let people in, however, I don’t think that this is that.

I think that the little tree “tree Pokémon parasite” (as sawyer7mage named it) had a good look at what Sarada looks like and went to the tower. In the tower the little Pokémon parasite tried to get Sasuke with a genjustu and pretended to be Sarada. Sasuke saw through it though. This would explain why Sasuke was so on edge and why the Pokémon was so close to the area of where Shin was. 

It’s obvious Sasuke wanted to touch Sarada and have that closure that “This is my child” but he could not just do that. He probably felt guilt and a quick sense of panic because he quickly asked why she was there and then snapped at Naruto. Naruto also knows Sarada is Sakura’s child which is why he told her about that. Naruto probably knew that Sarada missed her father and let her come. Sakura is seen knowing about the whereabouts of the tower. She knows and is going to meet them too. The three adults know more than what is being lead on. Also why isn’t Sakura and Naruto trying to find Sasuke if he was a dead beat dad? Do you really believe that team 7 would allow that? No. Just no. There has to be a huge reasons as to why Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi are allowing this. They believe in bonds and the bond between family and friends, so for them to do this to Sarada means that it’s beyond their control. Look at how fast Naruto left the village. Sakura is going too and she is in bad health. This must be serious. 

So, Sasuke is not a dead beat dad he is forced to be one based on circumstances. Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto are doing an investigation to protect Sarada THE FIRST NATURAL BORN UCHIHA after the massacre. Sasuke is has been strung out mentally and physically by this. The fact that he had to ask if it was her means that someone has been messing with him for so long of genjustus and tricks that he doesn’t know what is his child or not… poor Sasuke has had to roughest time out of this family. To think that this is most likely to insure the safety of his daughter and wife. Man this must suck so bad for Sasuke.

Look how tired this man is. Of course nothing is set in stone we still need answers.

-Gagesol ♥

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i had this idea before i knew dirk wouldnt be there before the baddies. its like, daves freaking out because dirks coming and being ridiculous like rambling etc. and kats like shit and he looks over and everyone else is just laughing/signalling karkat to FIX THIS because dirks literally ALMOST HERE and daves losing it and no matter what karkat says he wont STOP. so karkat just kisses him for the first time /ever/ and thats when dirk gets there and he first sees dave making out w/ a smol troll

PLEASE OMG and no one else is even phased bc its about daMN TIME now we can get back to actual important business over here,, and o my gosh before dave can even asy anything 2 dirk he has to go thru karkat staring his ass down. like u hurt my bae and i will feed u ur own guts do i make myself clear kind of staredown. dave doesnt even know, karkat does it from behind him,,, or omg dave standing behind karkat, like just hiding behind him even tho karkat is smol,,,

The Surprise Party Conundrum

1. Anonymous said:
Prompt idea: Amy sitting on Sheldon’s lap… sorry if that is too open ended. I just really want to see this happen on the show

Thanks for the prompt! I hope this is what you were looking for. I decided to write this after Sheldon and Penny have taken the intimacy test.

Amy played along with Penny that night. She was a bit angry at Sheldon though. She had found out the day they met but he asked that she not tell anyone. She did question how everyone didn’t already know. He had a twin sister. How did no one think to ask her? Surely she would have shared it. She asked them all and they all told her the same thing. Sheldon didn’t share that piece of information with them. He hated gifts. He hated parties. In general he hated celebrating. She agreed to keep it a secret.
When they started dating and put holidays in the relationship agreement she mentioned it. He told her no way. He was willing to put up with Valentine’s Day and Christmas but he drew the line for that day. It was more because he figured if they started celebrating it, Penny would want to have a party for him. He had enough of that as a kid. He finally agreed when she said they would just call it a date night so no one would know the real reason behind it. The person celebrating got their choice of dinner, as long as it was a Sheldon approved restaurant and got to pick the movie, and Amy had to see some real winners in her mind. She paid him back in kind with rom-coms on her birthday. They celebrated each one privately. This was why she was so mad about it tonight.
They had chosen to wait until the weekend this year for his because there was a new movie coming out Friday and Sheldon desperately wanted to see it. So she agreed to wait. It was his day after all. So the night of his actual birthday, the whole group, minus Bernadette and Howard, had dinner together. Then Amy brought up that intimacy test and Sheldon, after being told he couldn’t kidnap people off the street, agreed to try it. Penny volunteered immediately because she wanted to hear Sheldon answer questions about personal stuff. She had actually been hoping to find out some juicy stuff to tell Amy, even if they seemed to communicate about everything. Amy knew she had nothing to worry about. There was no way Sheldon would fall in love with Penny or vice versa. Leonard was pretty calm about too surprisingly. Amy had no idea there was a question about his birthday and was extremely surprised when she got the group text saying there was going to be a surprise party.
Amy had immediately sent a text to Penny telling her it was a bad idea. Sheldon would be angry. He hated parties and he especially hated surprise parties. He had told her all about the party for Leonard several years back and how the party goers had almost destroyed his home. She got a text back telling her to relax and that she should be happy that Sheldon finally disclosed this piece of information. Little did Penny know that Amy already was aware it was his birthday. She couldn’t tell Penny though. But now she had to act like she was going along with this surprise party. Sheldon was going to be so mad at her. She was going to send him a text to warn him but then thought better of it. She would deal with the consequences.
Leonard stopped at the store on the way back from the Escape Room. He picked up a cake and some balloons. They didn’t have much time. Penny said they had 3 questions to go plus the four minutes of staring into each other’s eyes. So Leonard got the stuff fast. There wasn’t a whole lot more they could do. They knew not to get gifts. Leonard sent Penny a text saying they were on their way home and she should try and stall for a few minutes. Once they got back to the apartment, they hung the balloons up.

“I still think this is a bad idea.” Amy said as they were tying the balloons.
"I agree but you know Penny.” Leonard admitted. “She can be very persuasive.”
"Yeah we all know why.” Amy said.
"But just think about it. We now all know the biggest secret Sheldon has ever kept from us.” He said.
"I guess.” Amy said sadly.
"Oh come on, Amy. I know he told Penny and not you but that doesn’t mean he has fallen in love with her.”
"Oh it’s not that.” Amy said.
"Then what is it?” Leonard asked.
"It’s just I don’t want him mad at me because I have agreed to go along with this.” She said waving her hand around the room.
"I guarantee he will be angrier with Penny for sharing it with us then with you for agreeing to the party.”
"I hope you’re right.” She said.
They heard Sheldon and Penny talking in the hall.
"I guess they are coming back.” Leonard said. The little group hid. When Sheldon turned on the lights they all jumped up and yelled “Surprise.”
Sheldon turned to Penny. “And after I let you be Gary!” Penny just shrugged.
"Gotcha moonpie!” Penny said.
"Penny how many times do I have to tell you….?”
"Oh shut up and enjoy your party.” Penny said.
Sheldon sat in his spot and pouted. Amy sat down next to him.
"Let’s make this look good.” Amy whispered. Sheldon nodded. He knew what she meant.
"Et tu Brute?” Sheldon said to her rather loudly.
"I did tell Penny this was a bad idea.” She said rather angrily.
"Are you angry with me?” Sheldon asked.
"No Sheldon I am thrilled that you would share your birthday with Penny and not me.” She shouted.
"It was a question about what I would regret if I died today. What was I supposed to say?”
"Oh I don’t know maybe that you regret not telling everybody about the day you were born or better yet come up with something better like how you wish you could have spent more time with me!” She yelled. She stood up to walk to the kitchen.
Sheldon knew she was angry for real. She was right, he could have said anything else. He had said the first thing that popped into his head when he thought about what the date was. He had to apologize to her. He grabbed her arm to stop her leaving and pulled her back to him. She fell on his lap. He didn’t push her off or anything.
"I am sorry.” He said hugging her close.
"What other personal things did Penny learn tonight?” Amy asked. She made no attempt to get off his lap.
"Nothing, except that in the future you will be making me French toast for breakfast.” He said.
She smiled at that thought. “I guess that means I come over very early in the morning to cook.” She said sarcastically.
"Or you could live with me.” He said. He pulled her even closer then gave her a kiss. He forgot everyone else was sitting in the room with them.
"I like that idea.” She said. She kissed him again.
Penny cleared her throat. Sheldon looked up embarrassed.
"What?” He asked.
"How long has she known?” Penny asked.
"Since the day we met.” Amy answered.
"You keep secrets way better than Sheldon.” Penny said.
"That she does.” Sheldon said. He pulled her close and gave her another kiss.

So you know how there’s a ton of fics where Tony spends hours and hours just trying to WRECK Steve because he loves how Steve looks when he’s strung up and begging for it, and he loves it when Steve’s pliant and relaxed and drunk from coming so many times that he can’t get it up anymore? ANYWAY, we should have fics where there’s some magic wumbo jumbo that causes them to switch bodies, and Steve’s just all, “D'you wanna what it’s like to be a supersoldier?” and at first, Tony’s like “?????” but then he sees that look in Steve’s/his OWN eyes, and Tony literally picks Steve up and carries him to their bedroom.


Well, I was bored and decided. ‘Hey what if Raven was dating Jason when Zachary Zatara was in the Titans?’. 

The idea turned into this mess. Oh well, I needed a break.

Meet my other trash king everyone -starry eyed when looking at Zachary Zatara-


It tasted like nothing.

Water had a taste, even air had a taste and smell, but as he breathed in the fumes, held the smoke in his lungs and released there was nothing. It tasted and smelled like nothing.

Zachary stared as the cigarette balanced between his fingers, the small dim light at the end.He expected it to burn. Expected the smoke to taste like ash, cinder, and death.  This act was supposed to be enjoyable, that’s why people did it. It was suppose to make him one step closer to wondering why she was with him.

Yet all he got was tasteless, odorless smoke that didn’t even fill up the hole in his chest with tar. It just exhaled out of his mouth and blended with the air around him. The smoke didn’t even take his worries away with it.

Zachary mumbled “Stingy.”

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Naruto 700+5

So many things to love about this chapter!!!

  • First time we see Sasuke saying Sarada’s name
  • The regretful look on Sasuke’s face after he realizes that it’s his daughter (idk if it’s just me but it’s so painfully obvious that Sasuke hates being away from his family and he just wants to get the mission over with)
  • Sasuke’s answer when Sarada asked if Sakura was really her mom. “What happened?” he looked concerned and imo, it seemed like he just thought that they had a fight or something lol (obviously the idea that anyone other than Sakura would be the mother of his child is absurd)
  • Sarada still calling Sakura ‘mom’ even though she doubts the identity of her “real mom” ?? You could never convince me that Sarada has anything but immense love for Sakura
  • Naruto’s face when Sarada implied that Karin might be her mom lol same, Naruto, same
  • Team 7 at the kage meeting #SQUADGOALS
  • Sasuke and Sakura as husband and wife !!!! I NEED TO SEE MORE OF THEIR INTERACTIONS
  • Naruto being the best uncle in the world to Sarada
  • The panel of Sarada thinking about her mom and then the panel of Sakura going after Sarada honestly this family is going to be the death of me THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH
  • Chouchou being the best pal a girl could ever have (i am now hoping for more Sasuke/Chouchou interactions because i think he would never know how to respond to her)
  • Naruto not even batting an eye when they got attacked ?? that was so badass
  • Papasuke to the rescue!!!

I’m so excited for the next chapter huhu MY EMOTIONS

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Maybe the Recruit and Gambit were friends with benefits for a while before they went their separate ways and one day she just reminisce about all the fun they had maybe a letter imagine this is the ideas anon

Haha not sure if it could be canon, but in AU it would be a hilarious conversation topic…

“Ugh, I can’t look at playing cards anymore.” You pulled a face as everyone settled to play some card games while drinking.

“What? Why?” Clint shuffled the deck and you laughed nervously. “It wasn’t a bad boyfriend was it?”

Suddenly everyone was alert for an answer and they all became increasingly anxious as you drew the silence out. “Well…” Oh god. “He wasn’t a boyfriend exactly. We just kind of…” You made a vague motion with your hands. “We were like… I mean he was doing the mercenary thing and I was kind of floating around… We just-”

“You bumped uglies with him didn’t you?” Natasha was trying not to feel offended that you hadn’t told her anything about this guy. “Name? Who was he? What did he do?”

“Whoa, whoa. He’s long gone okay? I think I just kind of fell for his charm and like accent and he did these cool things with playing cards and- can we please move on from this topic, I’m regretting my life choices here. Please.”

OP 788

(ভ_ ভ) ރ I’m going to be critical.  

In the whole saga of Dressrosa, the best female character who most prominent is Viola. As has left almost nonexistent Robin and Rebecca in esta saga The most noteworthy is Violet. From my point of view.

I love how he has faced to Doffy. It shows that she has “Blood Dressrosa”. The passion of a woman betrayed by her lover and she stabs him with a dagger. x’D I like the Spanish air.

Doffy and viola in the next chapter, and will be “rolled”. x,D What? for a possible role or fan art is good idea. On top she first name terms “Doffy”. If you’re angry you usually say the whole name, Evil Oda. (ಡ 艸 ಡ)

Both are equally dangerous. Just look at the face of Rebecca at the end to realize that witness it. I was just kidding.  (* ≧ 艸 ≦)

By the way, Law has shown an impressive resistance.

The surprise of the day, Fujitora has done something!

You can see that between them have managed to stop the “birdcage”, but only for a few seconds, seconds that can benefit Luffy to give you time to heal, sure.

I already supposed me that the Princess threw tear drops from the sky, it’s the best idea that had Oda.

I hope Cavendish surely appear in a battle against Doflamingo.

and best of all, no rest next week. ^^/

Owen awoke in his cell looking around the room he tried not to panic as much as he wanted too. His whole life had been set around wanting to make music for a living. His guitar was his lifeline to get him through almost anything. Now he was stuck here with out it. And he wasn’t sure if he’d ever get to go back home and make his dream a reality. He should have not had believed that this would actually be a great vacation get away. How he fell for the act? He had no idea. “What exactly is this place?”

Sharkaroo Week- Day 4

Again posting this super late, sorry!

So, favorite Sharkaroo moment, ahh there’s so many to chose from how am I going to pick!!

Okay, I tried really really hard to narrow it down but I couldn’t get it down any further than these.  You are being warned, this is kind of long, I have 5 gifs and a video! Credit to who ever made these gifs and posted the video (sorry i didn’t save names so i don’t know who did what)

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35 with calum

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

“Okay, okay,” you say, reaching down and pulling the hem of your shirt over your head, leaving you in your bra and underwear. “No need to be to pushy about it.”

“Look, it was your idea to play strip poker. I’m just enforcing the rules.”

“Yeah, but I thought I’d have to take off, like, one thing, and you’d be completely naked after four hands!”

“You did this on purpose? Listen, if you just wanted to get me naked, all you had to do was ask.” He’s smirking. What an asshole.

“Fine,” you say. “This is the last round. Winner takes all. Loser strips, however the winner wants them to.”

“Okay,” he says, sounding skeptical. “I hope you realize you’re going to have to give me all your chips and strip for me.”

“I’d change my tune if I were you, Hood. Be prepared to lose.” Thirty minutes and a particularly good hand later, you’re raking in all of Calum’s chips and he’s banging his head against your kitchen table.

“Okay, Mr. I’m Gonna Win And You’re Gonna Strip For Me, take it off.” Calum starts to take his shirt off quickly, but you stop him.

“No, no, no,” you say, stopping him. “Slowly. I wanna enjoy this.” You wink at Calum and he flips you off but straightens his shirt back out, starting again, slowly.

“Wiggle your hips a little bit,” you say, and he stops.

“This isn’t Magic fucking Mike!”

“It is if I want it to be. Continue.” Ten minutes later, there’s a naked (and half hard) Calum standing in your kitchen, and you couldn’t be happier about it.

send me a thing and i’ll write you a thing!

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Haizaki and long-time bestfriend (Who's a girl) kiss each other at the same time? Like out of nowhere? Hope this made sense '^'

YES, this is adorable.

A/N: I hope this is what you meant! And sorry if Haizaki is a bit OOC, I just feel like he’d be different around someone he /cared/ about.

They’d been best friends ever since he could remember. How she dealt with him, he had no idea, he was always so rude to her, but she never left. She was always there for him, no matter what she was dealing with, he was always more important to her. It baffled him how someone so sweet and innocent could care so much for someone so awful and dangerous as he.

She had invited herself over to his house after school, once again. It’s not even like she did anything when she came over, she just sat there and watched t.v. with him. He looked over and studied her, the way her hair framed her face, the way her eyes shone every time she got excited, the way the squeezed shut when she laughed, oh god… her laugh. He grunted and shook away the thoughts he was having. He should not be having these sort of thoughts about the one girl who actually cared about him, but maybe that’s exactly why he was thinking those things. She was so innocent, so sweet and kind, why did he even like her? Why did he keep her around?

Noticing his gaze on her, she turned to look at him. He didn’t even notice her staring back at him. She sighed and closed her eyes, slowly started leaning forward, maybe she’d teach him a lesson for staring so long, but before she could lean forward enough, she felt a soft pair of lips on hers. Her eyes shot open and she shoved Haizaki back. “What the hell?” She questioned him, confusion written on her face. “You leaned forward first,” Haizaki, normally wouldn’t try defending himself when he kissed a girl, but he actually wanted this one to stick around.

Of course she loved him, but she never thought he’d ever reciprocate. As Haizaki muttered out excuse after excuse she leaned forward and stopped his ramblings with another kiss. “I love you, okay?” she confessed after they broke apart. “I think I love you too.” Haizaki replied, running his hand through his hair.

Modern Captain America AU with politician Steve and body guard Bucky, in which Steve is an upstart, spunky little punk of a politician that Bucky(seasoned veteran and more tactful guy that he is) is sure will just blow over with the wind. Months of keeping track of this punk is driving him up the wall but he also believes in what Steves looking to make happen. He not only keeps Steve from being shot or blown up(on multiple occasions) but also steps in right before Steves gonna rip apart a particularly rude reporter or give himself an asthma attack verbally tearing someone to pieces.