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On Dean’s eighteenth birthday he’s given the mirror; it has an extravagant elongated name but most call it for what it is, the soul mate mirror, the item that you’ll look into and find your perfect soul mate. None of his family question him when he casts it aside with a barely there glance, not even bothering to unwrap it from its obvious packaging. It’s common practice that most people wait till they are alone before they look into their mirror; it’s a private thing, something that holds so much importance that it’s understandable that people don’t want to do a life changing event in front of everyone.

What everyone doesn’t realise is that Dean has no plans to look into the stupid mirror, not ever.

When his little brother asks him at the breakfast table the morning after what his supposed soul mate looks like, Dean explains with a roll of his eyes, “I didn’t look into it.”

His mother halts making the coffee and looks over at him, forehead creased.

“What?!” Sam shrieks, nearly spitting out his cereal.

“I didn’t look at it,” Dean repeats, hunching his shoulders as all three of his family members stare at him like he’s grown a second head.

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and this happened omfg midway through the gig I whipped out my sign and held it up for CT to see but ezra ended up pointing it out to him! and then at the end of the gig CT jumped off the stage, threw one of his sticks into the crowd and walked over to me and placed the other into my palm and closed my hand into a fist for me. I’m still shaking omg. makes up for outside lands!!!

I want a relationship where when we argue, we actually talk it all out no matter how heated it gets. No, we’ll talk about it later, no shutdown, no walking away, just communication. Then in the end I get to tackle you down and we both lay there in light hearted giggles.

Somewhere between the moment the sun catches her hair and the moment her voice becomes your lullaby, you realize what it means to live.
When she runs, the sun follows.
When she laughs, the world falls silent.
When she breathes, everything else seems so insignificant.
On nights that are more lonely than others, you wonder how you were alive before her.
She is springtime smiles, she is sun-kissed shoulders, she is where your day begins.
One day, you may remember the shadow you used to be.
You watch her eyes battle with the stars, and you think that nothing else could matter enough.