Ninja Turtles


This is the first Two-Parter! And yes, I’m back for the summer!! I hope that y'all enjoy this video. It is a bit longer because I find it would be silly to just talk about one of the two parts to this episode when the episodes have been out for over 10 years. If you’d like to see me split these up into two-parters, let me know though!

Let me know if you’re still watching, I know its been a couple of months but I’ve had college to worry about. :/ I’m still going too!!!

Next upload will be a vlog-type of video with me and my best friend so stay tuned! ;D (next day will be continuing with turtle talk.)

I also tried to add in some background music. It’s all by Alex Fitch. Titles are Ambition (parts I, II, and III), Keep the Car Running, Ocean Cliff, and Ronny. (Also the fast forward ending theme for the funnies hehe) The music is fine to use according to window’s movie maker lmao and im also using these tmnt clips under fair use for commentary and review!