What Does the 9-Tailed Fox Say? by GM Amelia

Not like with the ordinary fox, you’ll find out for yourself the answer to this puzzler real soon, as well as what the magical being looks like or does in battle. We are just a few days away from the arrival of a new character in Elsword Online. The countdown begins!

The force of one nine-tailed fox named Eun manifests through a young lady who, at a time of danger, found the hairpin where the spirit resides. The 17-year-old girl may look innocent, but wait ‘til you see her skill with the spear! Her abilities are balanced between ranged and close-quarter combat, while the spirit of Eun shows when she’s in awakening. Swiftness and the ability to use spirit energy are her gifts.

Are you excited as we are?! Check out the Elsword website to learn more about her and join the countdown by participating in pre-launch events after midnight!

9 Tails and 9 Days Left

Show your support for 9 Tails by joining our Facebook Likes event. Reach the Likes goal by 12/18 and all who joined will receive a one-day 50% EXP Boost Medal! That would help you so much when you start playing the new character… ;) Enter here!

Tails Aplenty Starting Midnight

In anticipation of 9 Tails, you will be able to purchase these 3 tails bundled for just 1000 K-Ching!

Also, in one of the quests, Ariel will reward you with a nine-tail accessory if you bring her what she asks. See Eve looking all glamorous with it. You like?

Wintry Pets and Hats

After midnight, the Christmas Party Santa Hat accessory becomes available by itself in the Item Mall, and so will the new Christmas Knit Beanie. But right now, you can already grab the exclusive bundle of 2 fully evolved pets, Snowman and Arctic Hunter Peng! Aren’t they adorable?! Get them!

Enjoy Elsword this week! Later, Elpeeps!

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