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Culture: Not a Black artist, just an artist

Honestly growing another head on my chin


Oliver’s in Granger Market, Newcastle


Episode 3, Season 10 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Airs Tomorrow, 9/8c only on E!


Had so much fun yesterday at Anime Detour 2015 Day 1. I was Princess Tiana all day, but changed into my regular clothes later that night. My gown was just too big haha. I got so many hugs and met some really cool people. So many awesome cosplays omg! I’ll post a few con pics later, but I’m gonna wait until Sunday to post them all on my cosplay page. Today I’m gonna be Clawdeen!!!!! Im sooooo excited! 😁

One of those nights….

anonymous asked:

girl where did you get your night gowns/slips? :o i just creeped through your face tag and im in love with the white lacy one in that big photo set post

so tires of answering this question. but anyways, amazon, victorias secret, h&m, thrift stores, and vintage clothing stores