A Carnival Comes To Town really kinda put me in a funk this week. In my mind I keep playing over the voice mail Carlos left and then (also in my mind) comparing it to his Condos monolog about building a home together. What fucking happened to that Carlos? Meh…

Anyway, here’s a quick drawing based an idea that’s been bouncing around my head. I thought drawing a girls night out to cheer up Cecil would cheer me up. It didn’t. Fucking Carlos. I don’t know ‘bout him anymore.

You know Earl is pissed as hell over Carlos refusing to come home

He listens to Cecil’s show every night at work, muttering to himself about how he wouldn’t take such a precious gift like Cecil for granted, angrily kneading dough and stabbing at meat cuts, until his co-workers are like,

'Don't bake angry, Earl'

'I'm not baking angry.’

*punches a soufflé*

A lot of people have a tendency to depict him as sort of a dapper 1960s-style radio announcer who is white and blond-haired, and that is great. There are a lot of people who depict Cecil as African American or Native American or Asian, and that is great. I’ve also seen Welcome to Night Vale Cecil fan art where Cecil is a moth who sits on a microphone, and that as well is great, because it allows the artist to bring themselves to the show, and take the ideas and process it for themselves.
—  Cecil Baldwin [x]

Welcome to Night Vale Ep. 27: First Date

… I need to tell your radio audience about a strange hole that might appear in your wall.

Cecil’s not the only one pretending to have a normal pulse over the phone. Long story short, Carlos’ colleagues weren’t exactly surprised when he and Cecil hooked up,

I have a funny theory that in Night Vale being seen as being a scientist is a fairly bad boy job, like for example when Cecil says, “We have all been scientists at one point in our lives.” reminds me of when people talk about teenage or rebellious phrases. Therefore, I feel like Cecil struts around really pleased, thinking, “Ooh yeaaah, I bagged a bad boy!” and Carlos is just stood there utterly nonplussed with some chemicals saying, “I like beakers.”

A very messy depiction of my headcanon for Cecil’s radio booth
He is soul-merged with the radio station and can see all the reports, information, etc. that the station gets via hovering holograms shown by his third eye
His arm tattoos help him navigate through everything and above him is an overview of the town, pieced together using the information gathered through reports.

549. A particularly inventive group of muggleborns managed to add an enchantment to the roof of the Great Hall, so whenever the words “scientist”, “perfect hair”, “Khoshekh”, or “Night Vale” are mentioned, a mysterious cloud will appear, casting an eerie glow over everyone. Those who are familiar with Night Vale will then stop what they’re doing, stand, and say "ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD" before sitting down and pretending like nothing happened. It scared the shit out of a few professors and a lot of students at first before they eventually got used to it.