the photo he post of you and him ♡

matthew espinosa:


caption:she said she was camera shy, ya right dork. ♥

hayes grier:


caption:y/n wouldn’t let me leave for practice.

jack gilinsky:


caption: six months strong, baby! @y/n 

cameron dallas:


caption: stop sitting on me loser. (smirk face emoji)

nash grier:


caption: trying to edit a youtube video and this dork came to cuddle with me. @y/n

aaron carpenter:


caption: y/n wouldn’t give me kisses.

shawn mendes:


caption: loved spending my summer with you. @y/n ♥

jacob whitesides:


caption: i wasn’t camera ready you thot. but it’s all good (kiss face emoji)

carter reynolds:


caption: its 6am and y/n is singing jb songs to me. 

taylor caniff:


caption: @y/n it’s nice having your smile around

hope you liked this ♡

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Preference #4 Nicknames

Nash- Princess 👸

       You rolled over to look at your boyfriend sporting the sexy bedhead look. You checked the clock; seven AM. Too early to be awake but never to early for kisses. You gave Nash a soft kiss to wake him up. “Morning, Princess.”

Cameron- Love ❤

       You added the last touch of make up and nearly tumbled down the stairs with excitement for your one year anniversary date with Cameron. Luckily he-as always- managed to catch you before you fell. “You ready love?”

Matt- Beautiful 😍

       ”Ooh girl you shinin’ like fifth avenue diamond!” You sang loudly blasting your music as you cooked your pasta. “They don’t make you like they used to, you’re never going out of style!” You heard someone sing back in the same fashion. You yelled out terrified until Matt stepped into the kitchen. “Oh my God when did you get here you scared the crap out of me!” You smacked him in the chest embarrassed. “I just couldn’t wait to see you, beautiful.” He kissed your cheek.

Jack G- Baby girl 💏

        “Jaaaack! Please!” You whined. “I can’t help it if I’m vertically challenged!” He shook his head; ”I can’t bend down all the time,” he argued grinning. “You have to reach me.” He smirked. You did your best to give him a pout lip and puppy dog eyes. He bit his lip trying not to cave; “Alright, alright. You know I can’t say no to that, baby girl.” He planted a soft kiss to your lips

Aaron- Fluffy (This is how it became; it stuck :) ☺

         You ran around your yard with excitement throwing your arms up. “Snow’s here, snow’s here!” You chant as your boyfriend watches you from the front door. “Come on Aaron it’s so fluffy!” You exclaim. He ran out to you laughing unable to believe how giddy you were acting. “It’s fluffy?” He questioned tackling you onto the frost covered ground. “Yes!” You try to insist. “You’re fluffy.” He teased kissing your nose. “You’re going to get it!” You yelled trying to make a snowball out of the tiny amount of flurries on the ground.

Shawn- Bunny 🐰

       ”Shawn don’t!” You shriek as he chased you up the stairs. You barely made it to the end of the hallway before he managed to wrap his arms around you. “No!” You tried to fight him off but he laughed and slid the ice cube on your neck and down your shirt. “Shawn!” You yell as the freezing cube slid down your back. “What? I deserve vengeance.” He defends. You stuck your tongue out fishing the ice out of your shirt. “Aw, come on bunny. I did it out of love!” He called after you as you walked down the stairs trying to find even better revenge. 

Johnson- Babe 👶

       You snuggled closer into Jack’s side leaning onto his shoulder. The fire was dying out but the talking was still live as ever even at one in the morning at Sam’s. “I love summer nights. I love you even more.” You whispered trying to shut your eyes. “Babe, you can’t fall asleep. Last time I had to carry you to the car.” He scolded leaning his head on yours. “It’s your turn to carry me.” He finished with a smug grin. Your eyes shot open, “If you expect me to try to carry you you’re going to end up staying in Sam’s backyard.” You sassed. He yawned pulling you closer with the blanket. He kissed your temple;”Wow, harsh much babe?”

Taylor- Hot stuff 🔥 😂

        “Taylor push me!” You command sitting on the swing of Tristen’s play set. He groaned and got off the slide dragging his feet towards you. As soon as he got behind you he leaned into your ear smirking and whispered; “How ‘bout we spider, hot stuff?” 

Carter- Sunshine ☀

        You swung your hand that was interlocked with Carter’s high and low back and forth as you walked down the streets of LA. You grabbed his arms and began to dance with him evoking a chuckle from him. “Calm down there, sunshine.”

Sammy- Wild thing

        You were out getting dry sticks for the fire. Your friends and you had gone camping to kick off the beginning of senior year. As Sam was walking back to camp as well you hid behind a tree. As he neared you, you jumped out. “AH! Oh my-jesus don’t do that.” He sighed catching his breath sliding his arm over your shoulders after your fit of laughter. “I love you anyway, wild thing.”

Dillon- Cutie 

        “Dillon, stop.” You whined. He kept surprising you with a kiss or bite while you lay on the couch watching a movie. He smirked kissing you again; “I can’t help it cutie, you’re irresistible.”