Big Wow Comic Fest is just around the corner. If I haven’t told you loyal art fans before, I’m putting these two original art of mine for sale at the Big Wow art auction on Saturday, April 18.

1) Vampirella inked piece (pencil by Adam Hughes)
2) Nick Fury ( Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1, page 8)

So come on down, bid and have fun. You may go home with one of these babies.


Granddad loved people. But he didn’t trust them very much

The most important part of Nick Fury’s characterization because this actually tells you everything you need to now about Nick. That story is him making a direct parallel between his grandfather and himself, but this line gets overlooked. People took away that both Fury and Granddad Fury are justly paranoid bastards, but not that they both love people.

I am so down for a reading of Nick Fury where he loves people? Like genuinely relishes working with everyone and meeting new people (who aren’t trying to kill him) and maybe going on dates. Because even old people do that now and again.

Social butterfly Nick Fury, who will engage in workplace gossip and you better hope he doesn’t have anything on you because either he owns ur office gossip ass forever or all your embarrassing but trivial secrets are going to be spilled ‘round the water cooler.

Arranging the company potlucks Nick Fury (Hill, I swear to God if you bring a bag of chips again!), who secretly matchmakes and remembers the interns’ birthdays and probably bakes too many cookies on those interminable and gray Mondays.

He is so hyped about new babies and children and he’s probably every SHIELD kid’s granddad and probably everyone’s sad that he doesn’t have kids/grandkids of his own, but now that they think about it they don’t know if he actually doesn’t  have a family.

Nick Fury who loves people. But doesn’t trust them very much. There’s only a few people he both loves and trusts, and those individuals know how very fortunate they are.