Mark Strickson: so Eric when you see, you write the Black Guardian and then you find out the costume designer has made a costume of a man with a bird on his head, what goes through your mind?
Eric Saward: Well you think, should I commit suicide today or tomorrow!

Mark Strickson: You’re a bit depressed in that bit, Doctor?
Peter Davison: Yes, well I’m in the TARDIS. With Tegan.

Peter Davison: That’s [The Crystal] rumoured to be the top of a tap…don’t know how true it is.

Peter Davison: Nice freckles.
Mark Strickson: *laughs* Strange, mad eyes though!
Peter Davison: Mad eyes!
Mark Strickson: You wouldn’t want to wake up next to those!

Eric Saward: Oh, and in answer to your question Nicholas, William Russell was considered for the job but he wasn’t available or didn’t want to do it or something.
Nicholas Courtney: That’s fine! It’s why I got the job, I don’t mind being second choice.

Mark Strickson: You’re very trusting.
Eric Saward: Perhaps we lost a couple of pages of script?
Peter Davison: Clearly I’m missing Adric! I want a companion I can out my arm around rather than the girls who I cannot touch.

Mark Strickson: The start of three years of small children running away from me in supermarkets.

Peter Davison: Where are we? I can’t remember what the cliff-hanger was…
Mark Strickson: I’m about to hit you over the head with a rock.
Peter Davison: Oh, jolly good!

Mark Strickson: Talking about outfits, have a look at my shoes they’re crimson and pointed and the only part of my costume that JNT chose!

Peter Davison: I love the new series of Doctor Who, and my fear I suppose is the old series would not grip children, at least nowadays because of the fact they’re so used to spectacular special effects. So I was very sort of gratified that they [his sons] were sitting there clutching my arms while they were watching parts of this.

Mark Strickson: My mother thinks the new series is far better than when I was in Doctor Who and tells me so frequently.

Mark Strickson: I was just thinking, one of the things I learned off you Peter was that, even if you didn’t understand what the script was going on about, and I never did, say it with enough conviction and you’ll look intelligent! And I could see it when you were talking there, the light going off behind your eyes. You hadn’t got a clue what you were talking about!

Peter Davison: Classic. Climbing down the sheets.
Eric Saward: Bit excessive seeing as we were on the ground floor!
Mark Strickson: Well, I’ve got to have something to do with my hands!

Mark Strickson: Do you remember when Janet took up knitting? And we’d be rehearsing and all we’d hear was this click click clacking of the needles? It used to drive us insane; we had to ban her from knitting.
Peter Davison: All I remember about Janet was the Guardian crossword, every day the Guardian crossword. So tedious.

Peter Davison: I used to have fun, early on anyway, pressing as many buttons as I could knowing the sound team would have to go back through putting bleeps and beeps on every single thing I pressed. It was quite fun!
Mark Strickson: I learnt that from you and I also discovered that if a particular actor was speaking, then you could stand behind them and in shot fiddle with buttons so during their emotional speech the sound guys would put on bleepy-deepy-doo!
Peter Davison: I’m going to go through every story now and watch for that! Find out who didn’t buy you a drink!

Mark Strickson: I don’t know if you noticed, in that last scene, in the absence of anything to do with my hands I’m sort of clawing at the wall.
Eric Saward: I just thought you were trying to get out of the studio!

Nicholas Courtney: Ah! The Brigadier’s found the knob!

Peter Davison: Oh dear, I’m about to do something noble.
Nicholas Courtney: You are. Very noble.

Nicholas Courtney: He’s still wandering.
Mark Strickson: I’m still looking for something.
Peter Davison: I’d love to know what you’re looking for!

Mark Strickson: Ah! I’m looking for the Brigadier!
Nicholas Courtney: Now we know what you’ve been looking for!
Peter Davison: *laughs* Is that what you’ve been looking for?
Mark Strickson: For the last half hour!
Peter Davison: For ages!
Peter Davison: And you’ve failed miserably! Much like you failed miserably to kill me! You’ve failed to locate the Brigadier in about twenty square metres of set, even when there are two of them!

Peter Davison: Quick! Let’s just run away and abandon him!

Peter Davison: Oh, here he [Turlough] comes!
Eric Saward: Evil! Evil personified!

—  Commentary for Mawdryn Undead

People enraged about Peter Capaldi because oh nOES he already be in doctor who?! torchwOOD?!? how can he be doctor this cannot be no no no casting so bad