Nichola Burley


Street Dance - One In A Million (by DashaJd)

Love this part of the movie. The song is great and the steps are amazing….. 


Streetdance 3D vid: Rockstar by LunaleeProductions

Who am I kidding, I love this movie.

Streetdance (2010)

Like Step Up only much, much, much shitter and cheaper. Worse Acting, worse dancing and worse music. In fact other than that Tinie Tempah Assassin’s Creed song the music is damn near unbearable.

I mean it’s just knock off rubbish. Leave it to America - they do this stuff much better. On a plus note Diversity rock up and throw some shapes but other than that I am out.

Step Up 2 remains the high watermark - Yes. I am aware of what I just typed.