Everyday Guys Getting Dirty!

The Out-Fit Challenge Was Held In New York In Late June And In Chicago Last Weekend. It Is An LGBT Equivalent Of Tough Mudder! The Photos Are Courtesy Of GayCitiesBlogs.

Nothing Like Watching Hot Guys Getting Down And Dirty!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Random Hot Guys: Scaling The Herndon Monument!

In One Of The Most Homoerotically-Tinged Traditions In The US Navy (Crossing The Equator May Beat It), The USNA Entering Class Ascended the 21 Feet, Greased Herndon Monument This Week!

"Damn The Torpedoes!"

"Full Steam Ahead!"

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

(N.B. These photos are from years passed.)

Saturday’s Mystery Smugglers!

Hot Damn, Baby! These Ruckers Make Me Weak In The Knees On The Pitch And Especially When They Are Smuggling Their Budgies!

Cross Over The Firth of Forth And Take A Guess As To Who They Are!


Testosterone Thursdays: British Beef!

Those Fellas At Attitude Are Onto Something!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Thursday’s Crush: Joe Manganiello!

Joe Manganiello Is A Fine Actor…

But Damn, Baby…

It Should Be Illegal For Him To wear Clothes!!!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Testosterone Thursday

Enjoy Another Toss Today With Tom Mitchell, England 7s’ Skipper!

Have A Toss, Lads!

QB Slabs!

Check Out The Pix At Outsports Of The 49ers In The Sheds!

Here’s My Favorite!

Blaine Gabbert’s Bodacious Butt And Colin Kaepernick’s Six Pack!

Woof, Baby!


Hot Frakin’ Damn!

Eric Decker Will Be Yet One More Wide Receiver, Who Is Going To Make The AFC Championship Hotter Than Hell Next Weekend!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Random Hot Smugglers (And One Or Two Not So Random But Even Hotter!)

They’re Midsummer Night’s Dreams!

Smuggle On, Dudes!


Monday Rucks

One Of The Joys Of Rugby Is Its Roots In Amateur And Semi-Professional Play. There’s Nothing Grander Than Watching The Everyday Guys Of Rugby Clubs (And Their Hotness Lies In Their Ordinariness And Athleticism!) Maul, Ruck, And Scrum On The Weekend!

Ruck On, Dudes!

Credit: Photos All Thanks To KevinScott.Org


Random Hot Guys In Thanks!

As My Tumblr Nears 11,500 Followers, Please Accept My Thanks For Keeping Me Going Day In And Day Out!

Thank You!

You Are All…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Thursdays In Tights!

A Look To The Future At The Dirk Bikkembergs Show In Milan!

GiantsOrCowboys Loves The Look Of The Future, Baby!


Monday Mauls!

Stade Français Et DDS…Ces Sont Bonnes!!

The Working Day’s Almost Over! Let These Bodaciously Beautiful Ruckers Get You To Quitting Time!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!