can we all just take a moment to think about how strong the other band members are?? It could be as easy as just giving up ya know, they have enough money to last them a lifetime and if they wanted they could have taken Zayn’s departure as an out for all of them but they didnt. they still plan on making music, playing shows, and making us proud. God knows I fucking love Zayn and I’m going to miss him with all my heart, but I’m also so fucking proud of the other boys and they don’t even know it


Liam singing Zayn’s solo in You & I on stage in Manila   

So apparently this is the new formation for WMYB and at first i’ll admit I was kinda sad…. 

but you know what? i’m not anymore. Because how can i be with these four AMAZING boys? I might be reading into it waaaaay too much but it’s making a statement. When a certain member left the band, there was a space to the right of Harry (that they left open when they believed he was coming back). When this band member was gone for good, they realized there was this emptiness to be filled…there was a chink in the armor. They were broken. 

So they filled this space with each other. By turning like this, they are protected on all fronts, they are leaning on each other… in other words: they have each other’s backs.

I think it’s beautiful and I might just be too emotional right now but i want them to know that we have their backs as well.

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