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One Direction Preference- A Fight Gets Physical (Niall)

He was late, again.

Two years was important. Two years was a big milestone, it meant something.

You’d had the reservations for nearly 3 months. Hibiscus was one of the most elegant and expensive restaurants in London, and it was only on the rise. You’d been dreaming of going there since it first opened, so when Niall made the reservations as an early anniversary gift, your heart nearly melted.

But now, here you were, sitting alone with a perfectly set table, an empty glass of wine and a clock on the wall that wouldn’t stop ticking. He was nearly an hour and a half late, not answering his phone and completely abandoning his girlfriend. You were fed up.

Angrily, you dialed his number, completely unsurprised when you went straight to voicemail, “Niall, it’s 8:30 and I’m at Hibiscus. You know, it was a really lovely anniversary dinner, the food was wonderful, the restaurant is gorgeous. There was just one tiny little issue…” the sarcasm was dripping from your voice, “You didn’t show up. I’m going back to the hotel. Goodnight.”

With ease you had the expenses placed on his tab and you retired to your room, many floors above. Stripping from your lacy cocktail dress, you sighed at its uselessness. He would’ve loved it on you…but unfortunately, the asshole had stood you up.

It was nearly midnight when the hotel room door opened with a click. The lights were dimmed, the only sound coming from the blue TV as it glowed at the foot of the massive king bed. You were pacing across the carpeted floor, arms crossed, hair and makeup long gone to shit.

"Hey babe," he yawned, kicking his shoes off by the dresser.

"Where the hell were you?" your voice was tight, as you crossed your arms, standing perfectly still.

"We got caught up in the studio, had to make some last minute adjustments," he shrugged, "It got late."

"It got late?" you spat, "This was our fucking anniversary dinner, Niall. You stood me up. You don’t just say, ‘It got late.’"

"Well what else am I supposed to say?" there was tension in his voice as he began to heat up, too, "This is my job, Y/N. You’ve known that from day 1."

"I know it’s your job, Niall!" you shrieked, "But I’m your girlfriend! And I deserve a little attention considering the shit I put up with," you were getting in his face now, unable to control the fury pulsing through your veins.

"The shit you put up with!” he laughed, “I spend every day working my ass off to make us money and to keep you happy, alright? You wouldn’t have shit without me,” he growled.

That was a step too far in your book. With every ounce of your strength, you shoved him backwards. He stumbled, but just barely. You were minuscule compared to him. 

You were expecting curses, insults. Maybe a fist to the dry wall. What you weren’t expecting was the way his palm connected with your cheek. He hit you with such a force that your head snapped to the side, your skin stinging and your eyes tearing up.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he cradled his face in his hands. You couldn’t tell if it was regret or anger, but you weren’t staying long enough to ask. Tenderly cupping your aching jaw, you backed away, your eyes not leaving him. You did not feel threatened, you didn’t want to run and hide. All you felt was anger, pure repulsion. Enough to drive you straight from the hotel room.

Neither of you said a word. He watched you leave, silently sulking. You made no attempt to mediate, to compromise. He had raised a hand to you and it had been engraved in your body to walk away if that ever happened.


This is a very heavy and serious subject. Domestic abuse and violence are nothing to be taken lightly and I write these pieces with that in mind. I try to portray these scenarios as accurately as I can from what I know, and I sincerely apologize if I offend anyone in the process.

If you have experienced or are a victim of any type of violence or abuse (whether it be mental, emotional, physical or sexual), I strongly encourage you to seek help. These situations can be avoided and they can be escaped. Speak to someone you trust and always know that I am willing to listen if you need someone to.

If you have any further concerns, questions or are in need of help, I suggest this site.

I hope that you enjoy reading these.

xoxo B


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