These were taken by my father when he went to the USA, in 1993.
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1-New York, 5.6.1993
2-New York, 5.6.1993
3-Newport, RI, 13.6.1993
4-Boston, 20.6.1993
5-Niagara Falls, 10.7.1993
6-Times Square, 11.7.1993
7-View from Empire State, 11.7.1993
8-New York, 1.8.1993
9-Statue of Liberty, 1.8.1993

I know I’ve pushed this petition before, but OCAW is working on getting a meeting with Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn to discuss Kiska. Please sigh and reblogged the crap out of this.

The goal is to find Kiska a better facility for companionship and better medical care. She is not a contender for release. But we need her out of Marineland

Thanks!! https://www.change.org/p/kathleen-wynne-release-canada-s-only-captive-orca-kiska-to-an-appropriate-facility

T.O.P breaks down

there really wasn’t any discord among our members
host: yes, since the situation was so tough
my dongsaengs always cared so much for me.
sometimes, they are more hyung-like than i am. 
i learn a lot from them.
they help me understand and feel things through the things we do together
they are my members…
i learn a lot from our maknae
there is much to learn from jiyong and taeyang and daesung
i’m always so immature but they’re always….
the manager who is by us day by day
jang geun hyung and hyung and park jae joon and everyone, I really want to thank them
maybe because i’m shy around my parents, but i don’t thank them enough
i don’t think I’ve expressed my love for my parents too often

i really…love you

and thank you VIPs, who if i ever showed any sign of sadness, would be even sadder than i am
but i have nothing to give them
except my inclination to do better