April Fools' Day
  • Him:I have something serious to say.
  • Her:What is it?
  • Him:I don't love you anymore!
  • Her:T_T (she closed her faced using both of her hands while crying)
  • Him:hey, I'm just kidding. Happy April fool's day! It's the first day of April. (Getting nervous, he doesn't know what to do with her) hey, I don't mean it. I don't want to see you cry!
  • Her:I got you! I'm jut kidding too. Happy April fools day. ^_^ I love you.
  • Him:I love you too and it's not a joke.

Olosuende Yoruba Ifa


Palo Mayombe rules have limitations and restrictions on the role of women. This is a well-known phenomenon faced by women around the world in different spiritual practices. Mothers, Yayas, and Godmothers play a secondary role in the most important rites of Palo Mayombe: initiation ceremonies, the preparation of the foundations (Nganga), four-legged animal sacrifice. Despite the limitations, the role of women in the Palo Mayombe is very important and essential for several reasons. Yayas do not initiate, but play an important role in the initiation ceremonies, which provide balance and support the Tatas and the godchildren of House, Yayas are the godmothers which give strength and guidance, Yayas are a powerful source of light and spiritual development, Yayas often represent the maternal side of Palo Mayombe. The women depict the universal source of life. Women represent the powers of light and creation, all come from women. It is an undeniable fact that when it comes to healing consultations, baths, spiritual cleansings, protection, love spells, amulets, makutos, developing spiritual and so on, natural Yayas are witches and their powers are limitless, when it comes to witchcraft, the Yayas works is just as powerful as they come, never underestimate the power of a Yaya when working with his Nganga.