Homeless man captured on video helping motorists receives a hotel room, money, and a job offer in return

Random acts of kindness typically maintain their randomness.

But occasionally, an act of benevolence goes viral and leads to the Internet’s version of a winning lottery ticket.

Such was the case when a Colorado Springs homeless man named Shelby Hudgens was caught on camera helping to push cars up a slippery hill during a messy snowstorm over the weekend.

Pretty soon, Hudgens was on the local news — and soon after that, he found himself sleeping in a hotel room paid for by a viewer, according to NBC affiliate KOAA.

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EmpowHer - Bipolar Medication Side Effects: Finding the Balance

What if exercise caused you headaches, or despite careful eating, you gained 15 pounds in few weeks? What if restless leg syndrome disrupted your sleep every night, or foggy thinking made it difficult to work?

These are some of the possible side effects of psychiatric medications.

No doctor can predict how a specific medication will affect an individual patient, and a medication’s effectiveness and side effects differ from person to person. For a list of medications commonly prescribed for bipolar and their side effects, read here.

In general, the benefits of being restored to mental health outweigh most side effects. But when side effects start to adversely affect your quality of life, it’s time to address your concerns with your provider.

Since you are more likely to take meds that you tolerate well, a good provider will try to find that med that allows you to live a healthy, functional life.

It is crucial to keep the conversation open with your psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. A slight adjustment of dose up or down might make all the difference in the world.

Or you may find that you can tolerate the cognitive effects of one med much better than the physical effects of another.

A doctor who won’t listen, who thinks you’re exaggerating, or who dismisses your concerns needs to become your old doctor.

But don’t adjust or quit your meds without medical supervision. Instead, make an appointment with a new doctor today.

At your first meeting, bring up your concerns about your current medication. Asking the how he or she addresses side effects will provide helpful insight into his or her interest in a patient’s overall wellbeing.

Certain side effects are dangerous and need immediate attention. A rash could be potentially deadly and merits a call to your care practitioner now. Medication-induced tics known as tardive dyskinesia, can become permanent if not addressed.

Rage, thoughts of suicide, or rapid cycling are sometimes induced in patients with bipolar II disorder by the use of SSRI antidepressants alone. In these cases, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

Truly, one of the most difficult aspects of living with bipolar disorder is the trial and error required to find the right med. It is a physically and mentally taxing process.

In addition to taking your meds as directed, observing a healthy sleep schedule, eating right and exercising regularly will give you the best possible outcome.

Be brave and be well!

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Boston-area woman shovels neighborhood sidewalks from wheelchair

A Massachusetts woman in a motorized wheelchair is shoveling the sidewalks of her town — inspiring others to chip in.

Crystal Evans, 33, of Braintree, did not let her neuromuscular disease stop her from starting a business or a family, so she won’t let it get in the way of keeping her neighborhood safe, according to local media.

"I started rolling down the sidewalk to get to the post office, and I looked back and I saw a clear path," she told WCVB. “And I was like, ‘Oh, I could clear the sidewalks for everybody.’”

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New Blog looking for Similar

Hi! I’m Kat and this is my new sideblog. I’m looking to follow blogs similar to mine, meaning blogs who post:

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Follow me, and I’ll check out your blog and most likely follow back! (Main blog)

Schoolboy rushed to aid of vision-impaired woman who fell onto train tracks at Ringwood East station

The woman had fallen on to the tracks at Ringwood East station just after 5pm on Tuesday when 16-year-old Harry Dettmann rushed to her aid.

Braving the threat of a train he initially thought was on the same track, he first rescued the guide dog at the woman’s insistence before he and another bystander pulled her to safety too.

Harry, a Year 11 student at Tintern, was with a group of other students and about to catch a train to Ringwood following a late class when he saw the woman and her dog topple on to the tracks on the outbound platform.

Putting his own safety at potential risk, he sprung into action on hearing the train approach despite fears it was headed straight for the woman.

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July 31st 1992, Michael Jackson appeared on his hotel balcony Friday after police told him it would keep a young man from committing suicide by jumping from an apartment block opposite. Eric Herminie, 28, perched on the parapet six stories up on Friday afternoon and shouted, “I want to see Michael! I’m going to jump if I don’t!” Press Association, the British news agency, said. He then screamed, “Michael, Michael!” over and over, it said.

Police contacted Jackson, and he appeared on his Dorchester Hotel balcony for about two minutes, waving to Herminie and to fans gathered below, said a Scotland Yard spokesman. Herminie, who is unemployed, then climbed back inside the building, he said.