This is another video I need to save while working on a more detailed post. This is video of a natural gas plant in New Mexico showing what natural gas leaks actually look like. This is an infrared camera, so different temperatures of gas show up to the camera and different gas compositions can be picked out by the type of light being given off. Video cameras like these are being deployed by scientists and engineers to monitor and locate gas leaks that both contaminate the atmosphere and cost natural gas companies money.

So I didn’t make the 8:30 central time I hoped for, but still not too bad. 

Comic Notes:
States Involved: California, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada
Also CEO (Corporate Interests)

- technically, General Ignacio Zaragoza was born in Bahai Del Espiritu Santo, in the Mexican state of Coahuila Y Tejas, which became Goliad Texas.
- Two nice articles on Cinco De Mayo that I particularly enjoyed are here and here
- Two interesting reasons given for Cinco de Mayo being chosen as a day of Heritage celebration by the Chicano activists was because the day was of some importance to the US (France didn’t get a foothold in Mexico and couldn’t interfere with the Civil War) and it celebrated a Mexican Victory over an European Power. I didn’t have the time to properly verify those reasons, but they are certainly interesting!