White Sands has some of the most incredible patterns that form in the gypsum dunes.  During my recent trip, there hadn’t been any significant wind for at least a week so clean crests on the dunes were few and far between.  However there were some interesting close up patterns like this because the most recent breeze was from the opposite direction of the typical prevailing winds.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico -   March 2015

Shot Notes:

Provia 100f 4x5, 210mm Caltar Lens
1/60 at f32, no filters

Southwestern Gothic
  • Everyone hears about lights in the desert but they’re not just in the sky. They’re the lights in the corner of your eyes when you’re out camping, that disappear when you swing your flashlight beam over
  • Miles and miles of scrub land as you drive your car faster and faster along the two lane highway. Why are there lane lines if there are no other cars? Have there been other cars? When did you start driving today? How far have you made it? Can you be sure your odometer has changed since you last looked?
  • Each summer seems to be hotter and start sooner. Every year you say it’s starting earlier than last year? When will the summer simply never end?
  • Coyotes yipping outside your window but you can’t see them. Is it really coyotes, or something that’s learned to mimic?
  • Road signs that have faded so badly you can’t tell where they lead, but you’re sure you’ve never seen that turn off on this highway before
  • During the day time stories of the chupacabra are silly, silly, silly, until dusk is falling and you’re outside and there might be something in the bushes behind you but it might be nothing. Silly silly stories
  • Neon signs along the road flickering to drivers like sirens, flickering just off a highway exit that isn’t there. Flickering remnants of modern ghost towns
  • Graffitied Virgin Mary watching you as you walk past her on a deserted city street, a shiver running down your spine
  • Cookie cutter houses in a cookie cutter neighborhood after you dropped your friend off. Was it right, right, left to get out? Or right, left, right? How many Ocotillo Trails are in this neighborhood? Why isn’t there anyone in their driveways so you can ask? How many rights have you taken in this cookie cutter neighborhood with its beige cookie cutter houses?
  • That gas station has been closed for as long as you know, fenced off, delapidated, but there’s something moving around behind the muddied windows
  • Another haboob, bigger than the last. As it beats againt your glass there are dark shapes in the swirling sand, something always swooping away before you can define it