Adam Rondepierre
Canon AE-1

What brought on the challenge to travel America in a trailer, where have you been so far and where are you planning to go to?

My girlfriend Mary and I spent a few years planning and saving our money so that we could afford to restore a trailer, quit our jobs and explore our giant backyard. We left home 4 months ago at the perfect time in our lives to try out a minimal lifestyle on the road, centered around playing outdoors and picture taking. To even begin a project like this you really have to want it more than you fear it. After that you find ways to make things happen.

We spent the Spring in the Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah) exploring before heading south to San Diego to find some surf for a week. Then we drove the entire coast, mostly on Highway 1, all the way up to Port Angeles in Washington. After that we spent a week in Seattle and now we’re in Montana. We’ll be heading East with no specific agenda whenever we run out of things to do here.

Tumblr: @adamrondepierre
Website: @lucilleandfound
Instagram: @adam.rondo


Demian Diné Yazhi’ (RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment) hit the grimy streets of the Indian Capital of the World (Gallup, NM) today, initiating our ‪#‎DECOLONIZEFEMINISM‬ wheatpaste poster project. A special “Thank You” goes out to Ryan Dennison (Deadrezkids Records) for his phenomenal rezstyle Blue Bird Flour wheatpaste mix and for driving through familiar territory as an ally & warrior!

For further information on the posters, please email us at: burymyart@gmail.com