If you’re already privy to the new YouTube layout, you may have discovered that literally every time you go back to the homepage you have to reset the Guide if you want to only see the uploads of your Subscriptions, which is stupid as heck


But it turns out that doing so actually now just creates a URL that takes you to only the uploads of your subscriptions. Which is all anyone really wants, right?


So if you only care about seeing your Subscriptions’ uploads above any of the other rubbish (which I hope you do), and can’t be bothered changing over literally every time you visit the homepage, then the clickthrough above is the URL that you should start using in place of just “youtube.com”.

It’s a pain, I know, but if you’re already used to bookmarking all your favourite sites then this will make your life a lot easier.

If you’re not, then what are you doing? Get a bookmark toolbar ya dingus it will save you so much time

Also bear in mind that this link only works if you have the new layout. If you’re still on the old one, see you on the other side!

OMG! I’m Falling" by sukran is one of the top scoring submissions for our Fall Colors design challenge! What’s it trying to tell us? That it’s fall, and everywhere we look, leaves are plummeting to their death!!! Let’s teach them to paraglide, shall we? FOR THE LOVE OF THE LEAVES! They’ll thank us for it, really.

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