so yeah like the card the mustache looney is holding says, a Happy belated Birthday from me to you  ribbonakiko! Since it’s a week late. I hope these dorks make up for that fact

and yes Sora made Riku wear that

I learned a lot about being a friend when i was alone:

never saw it coming - tigers jaw // if i tremble - front porch step // sleep - citizen // clairvoyant - the story so far // drown - front porch step //  tracking time - citizen // the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new // jesus - brand new // when you see my friends - mayday parade //  nobody, not even the rain - la dispute // love your friends, die laughing - man overboard

inocente-sem-saber asked:

so, idk if you just like tronnor our gay couples in general but i found one couple and they're the most cute couple i ever seen, they aren't that famous but i really like if you see, is the wylie phenix channel on youtube ^^. sorry if my english is not that good, i'm brazilian and i don't make a english class so... thanks for everything!! love your blog

Haha I’m not here because they’re gay! I’ve been a fan of connor for almost 3 years and Troye for about 2. i just used to blog about them on my youtube blog until i found a small community of people who adored the both of them. I only shipped it at first bc convenience as they were my favorites. I never saw this coming, they weren’t supposed to wind up so adorably infatuated!

But i would love to check out smaller youtubers, so thank you!! And don’t worry about your english, it’s really good!

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especially how he flipped his shit over someone visiting his blog who was also in florida. i wouldn’t be surprised if he wore the tin hat too, he’s so paranoid

people are making these connections that seem so obviuos but i never saw coming

this kind of shit would terrify him if someone did it to him. maybe he thinks he’s scaring other people by doing it to them?  0_0