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Last week, Cartoon Hangover turned 1! With 64.5 million views and over 890k subscribers, this past year has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has supported Cartoon Hangover!

Special thanks to Nerdache Cakes for making these amazing cupcakes!

Don’t forget about the Bee and PuppyCat Kickstarter that has less than 48 hours to go!



Check out this mad awesome Lydia Martin cookie Ant over at Nerdache Cakes made for me! The cookie is approximately huge and weighs about a shit ton, I honestly couldn’t be happier. Ant, I love you, and this cookie was definitely worth the month wait. (◕‿◕✿)

if you guys like this cookie and her other adorable, kickass, nerdy confections, please go vote for her here so she can be on the cover of a magazine!!!


How to make Finn Cakes


OMG Baymax Cake Pops look so awesome!!!


At the beginning of the semester I had to write a paper on either a sales or merchandising tactic and how it relates to bakeries. Being the antisocial loser that I am I chose to write about social media and its effect on advertisement, because tumblr. I got to write about nerdache cakes and the cool stuff they do.

I got my paper back today, and it turns out that I got a 100% for doing extra research and knowing how to write essays the teachers like.


Look what came in the mail today!







I even had to break out the Impala


I don’t know how i’m going to eat these.

Thank you Kit for sending me these! And thank you Nerdache Cakes for making awesome things!


Nerdache Cakes bakes and creates PuppyCat!

This isn’t the first time Nerdache Cakes has baked Bee’s pal PuppyCat

Check out more cakes on their YouTube channel!



Jayla’s Tea Partying Avengers Birthday Cake: Avenger’s Tea Party Cake

My niece is pretty vocal about what she wants, even at 3 years old. So what did she want this year? An Avengers party! But Jayla has also been on a tea party kick, even inviting her Iron Man and Captain America for a cuppa’ ‘tea’ in the middle of the day.

So I made her this cake! I love the teeny details of it, from the tea cups with 2d roses- to the tiny cookies and cherries on the cupcakes. I was also really focused on getting Cap’s Bucky-bear and tiny lemons on the cups of tea. I also thought it would be funny if Spider-man wasn’t allowed to come to the tea party. AVENGERS ONLY.

The table itself is made from vanilla bean cake, with fresh strawberry buttercream and dark chocolate ganache’ (The birthday girl’s favorite!)

There’s a ton of tiny details on this cake that I could talk about all day- but I’ll let you find them for yourself!

[Based on the amazing Avenger’s Baby art by Gurihiru]

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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Geek Sweets: A Conversation with Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes

About a month ago, we introduced you to the amazing, edible, and nerdy creations of Nerdache Cakes. We decided we didn’t want to stop at enviable images, so we got in touch with the immensely talented Ant Roman, the brain behind the oven, to find out just what Nerdache Cakes is all about. The answers we got were just too fun to cut down, so read on to see the entire interview, unedited. 

Read the interview …


It’s an all-new episode of Sugar Hero by Nerdache Cakes, and our friend Ant has made an AMAZING Catbug Cake! Check out her DIY deliciousness!

PLUS: The Catbug tote bag featured in her clip, plus his friend PuppyCat are now on SALE at WeLoveFine!


Doctor Who themed Proposal Cake!

This week I made a cake for a really cool dude who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with it. He put the ring on her fondant figure and everything- It was so sweet. (We even have some awesome video of the whole thing! Which we’ll show you soon.)

The Tardis is banana cake with dark chocolate crunch bits and ganache layers. The figures are of the couple themselves; He requested to be dressed as 10 but with 4’s scarf. Her clad in Donna Noble wedding gear. I wanted to go a bit cartoony with this Tardis, go in a different style than normal. Pssst it’s the 22nd Tardis I’ve made so far. Yesss.

You can actually check out their podcast site here!

I’ve always wanted to do some sort of painted background, so I painted a nebula filled with stars behind the lovely couple. I used edible food colors, using a technique of dry brushing, water push and airbrush. Sooo fun.

Probably one of my favorite cakes/delivery experience ever. The best part? The Doctor is finally Ginger.