I can worship Nature, and that fulfills my need for miracles and beauty. Art gives a spiritual depth to existence – I can find worlds bigger and deeper than my own in music, paintings, and books. And from my friends and family I receive the highest benediction, emotional contact, and personal affirmation. I can bow before the works of Man, from buildings to babies, and that fulfills my need for wonder. I can believe in the sanctity of Life, and that becomes the Revealed Word, to live my life as I believe it should be, not as I’m told to by self-appointed guides.
—  Neil Peart

Rush - Moving Pictures

Rush has been a very large inspiration when it comes to art and design for me and I decided to create a set of posters in tribute to my favorite album, Moving Pictures.

EDIT: Due to demand, prints are avaiable here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/senordoom/collections/289171-rush-moving-pictures