im freaking out right now i don't know what to do

so i grew up in an abusive home, and like many abusive homes the abuse was centered on one child more than others. i happened to be that one child. now, i’m older and am working to be financially independent from my parents. i budget EVERYTHING and I live frugal (ramen,ramen,ramen). but i haven’t totally achieved financial independence yet, and i’ve been interviewing for things to try to get there while also achieving my career/life dream of positively impacting global mental health equity.

in pursuit of this dream i had an interview at Princeton. i didn’t know this, but there are a shitton of tolls between DC and Princeton. I paid for what I could and collected toll slips/gave my home address for billing where I couldn’t - but apparently something fell through the cracks and my dad received one of the toll bills. because he’s unwilling to support me, he didn’t let me know about it but still did not pay the $3.60 toll (this is the man who has paid thousands to cart my older sister to med school interviews). now they’ve charged late fees - and it costs $53.60. and he’s demanding i pay it in full. i could have paid the $4, but I live on a strapped budget right now. I do not have $53.60. 

he told me today that if i don’t pay it and he gets another notice, he will pull the minimal financial supports he’s providing to my mother and he will remove me from all insurance policies (car, health.) so i will have to buy my own car insurance and pay out of pocket for my doctor bills (i’m moderately disabled so this is not a modest fee). I almost think, knowing him, that he intentionally waited and incurred late fees on the bill and - knowing I couldn’t pay it - is now using this as an excuse to cut me off and bankrupt me. He keeps trying to get me to move back into his old abusive home, and I’m thinking this is his way of forcing me there.

i don’t know what to do. somebody tell me what to do. please.

Things Social Anxiety Prevents
  • 10. Finding a career we can enjoy
  • 9. Making friends
  • 8. Having a sense of belonging
  • 7. Feeling ok to speak our minds
  • 6. Ability to trust other people
  • 5. Finding a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • 4. Freedom to express our true personality
  • 3. Stopping racing, obsessive thoughts
  • 2. Feeling peaceful and calm around others
  • 1. Taking charge of life and doing what needs to be done


I had a falling out with my parents and I am currently homeless. I have really no where to go, and I have a cat. 
This cat is like my child.
She was my distraction from me and my ex splitting up and me having a miscarriage in an abusive relationship. 
I tried to tell my boss what happened and that I would not be able to come into work tonight, and now I have no job.
I need help. If you know a place I can go, or you know someone who can help me. please.
Me and my brother have been trying to move to atlanta, and the closer I get out there, the better. I am currently in the corpus christi area of south Texas. 
I have $200 cash
I have a full tank of gas
And I need help..

Depois de tanto tempo tentando ser forte, a ficha caiu finalmente. Não importa o quanto eu tente, o quanto eu me esforce, não importa o que eu faça, eu sempre vou ser assim. Esse fracasso, esse lixo. Essa merda toda. Uma hora todas as coisas parecem estar bem, e na outra, o mundo desmorona sobre mim. Uma maratona de coisas ruins e de problemas. Tá tudo tão confuso, literalmente tudo, tanto aqui dentro de mim quanto o mundo lá fora. As coisas estão acontecendo da pior e maior maneira possível. As pessoas sempre dizem “isso vai passar, vai ficar tudo bem” “tudo passa”, mas eu tô cansada. Eu realmente cheguei a acreditar que as coisas ficariam bem, que tudo passaria. Mas cá estou eu, novamente enganando as pessoas, e o pior, a mim mesma que tudo está bem. Eu não posso mais, eu não consigo mais ser assim. Sou fraca o bastante pra não conseguir nem acabar com essa dor aqui dentro de mim. Eu só não queria mais ser esse lixo, não queria fazer tudo errado. Queria que as coisas dessem certo pelo menos uma vez.
—  Eu não devia estar aqui. -Amanda T
I hate to do this but...We need money...

So yeah, guys. If anyone can comish sketches for $5 from me or donate any money,  I’d be really grateful for that.

Let me explain… So, after my grandpah passed away, I convinded my dad to make a new garden…Since it was looking horrorible and making him more depressed than he already was to see everything was going wrong, even the house was looking sad with such dry garden. Well, I searched for some guys do to it with a good price. They do, they’re already here. But from nowhere they said the grass wouldn’t survive if they didn’t came back to place some vitamines or something that I don’t know what it is. The problem is…My dad wasn’t expecting them to make this and now he needs to pay more 200 dollars for them and we don’t have money for it.

I know it’s for stupid reason, maybe for you guys…But well, I hate to ask for donations and such as well…But I really need some help to don’t give any more problems to my dad. We have to pay the bills and a lot more and also save money to recieve Shade with no problems.

So as I said in the start. Any donation or sketch commission would help. Thank you and sorry for annoying and ask for money here. ~

My e-mail for the paypal account is:

Good news! A friend has agreed to help me get to Indiana with a truck so long as I’m able to front the travel costs. Which currently I cannot do. As such, I’ve opened this in some crazy attempt to raise something, anything, to help me get out of this city.

What is not mentioned in this fundraiser is that I am currently living in the same home as my now-ex boyfriend. It is extremely awkward and rather depressing. The sooner I can get out of here, the better off I will be. I am applying for work as we speak, and I hope to hear something soon. I don’t want to be stuck there as I am here.

My name is Jessica Parker. I am almost twenty-two years old and in a bit of a pickle. I made some unfortunate choices, and when I moved here to Orlando, I was unable to find work for six months. I successfully blew through my savings just to survive and pay the bills.

My lease ends in February, and I feel that I need to move back to Indiana. I previously worked for Purdue University, and there are new opportunities for work there. Currently, I’m working retail and it’s hardly even covering my present bills, much less paying for the care of my two cats and I cannot even buy shoes to replace the pair that I have that are genuinely falling apart. I refuse to continue to live like this. I love it here, but I simply cannot afford to stay.

Due to my work situation, I am unable to put back any money for this move myself. I am requesting $1000 to completely cover travel costs for both myself and the friend that will be driving me and my things and my cats from here in Orlando to Lafayette, IN. Any remaining money will be put to use funding necessities like dishes, cookware, cleaning supplies, and whatever is needed to cover deposits on an apartment. If, magically, there is any remaining money, I can assure you that it will be put to bills.

Any help would be appreciated greatly, and thoughts and prayers are also appreciated. Thank you so much!

I am also willing to accept donations of dishes, cookware, and other what not in reasonable condition. Please contact me if you would like to donate. 

Thank you so much for your support and kindness!