Do you have any suggests about new bands that I could start listening to??

I already listen to:
Imagine Dragons
The All-American Rejects
Fall Out Boy
Green Day
5 Seconds Of Summer
The 1975
All Time Low
Bring Me The Horizon
Royal Blood
The Script
Young the Giant
Sleeping With Sirens
You Me At Six

Please I need help!

Any suggestions??

When people see my scars, they ask if their burn marks. When I tell them it’s from cuts, they give me this expression like they want to say sorry, but don’t know how. I’d do anything to never be looked at like that again. Like I’m weak and need help. I hate it. Yet it doesn’t stop me from cutting again, and leaving bigger uglier scars.

Confession #2451

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Sooooo, I made myself a fundraising page and I’m asking for signal boosts and donations to fund traveling. I need to get away and visit family before the end of the school year, preferably before the end of this year (winter break).

Every little bit counts, even a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars. If you can’t donate, then share this so others who may be able to can see it. Please. I’ve always had such terrible luck with stuff like this and I just want to get out for a while.

My fundraising page is here



So.. let’s begin.

At first, I’m so sorry for the lot of text posts and random pictures, but I feel like I just can’t force myself to draw the updates, altough some of them are really fun.

Next; after my post of unfollowers, I got a lot of messages, and I need to thank you all for it, they melted my heart <3 Some of them have really good advise, and my question is related to a certain theme…

You said that this is my blog, and I can do whatever I want. I actually have a really big plan, a big change, but at first I need your opinion about it.

I’m planning to switch to anthro permanently. This is also one of my biggest dreams, and I actually want it due to personal thing… Some of you might unfollow me for this, because you got used to, and mainly followed me for the colourful horsies.

But I ask you. Anthro: yay or nay?