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Really? There isn’t any BM specialty in DAI?

Tis true.

Currently the only mage specialization open on the Dragon Age webstite is:

Knight Enchanter


However, earlier this year Bioware made a mistake when putting up the other icons for all the specializations, the names showing for them when you saved them from the site. So the other two specializations for mage are:

Rift Mage




Also, while I’m not sure what a Rift Mage is, I do know that Necromancy  is not counted as a Blood Magic practice and is revered in Nevarra (though feared outside of the nation).


i’m getting over a terrible migraine finally and in celebration i played around with my halloween costume (a vampire priest/monk) and got a bit carried away hahah a

idk if i’ll keep it this busy since it’s starting to resemble more of a necromancer than anything but hey, maybe i have a new renaissance faire/larp character

i wanna wear this robe every day tbh

"Skyrim never seems to get old to me, seems there is always something I never seen before. Just last night while I fought an Expert Necromancer, she re-animated a bandit. As soon as I landed the killing blow to him, he let out a soft ‘Thank you,’ as if he was trying to regain control of himself and break her curse. I felt heartbroken and cried after that.”

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Collective nouns for the undead

A group of non-corporeal undead: A VAPOR. “A vapor of ghosts came through the wall, terrorizing the wedding party.”

A group of corporeal undead: A CANDLE. "A candle of zombies descended upon the campers, devouring them."

A mixed group of corporeal and non-corporeal undead: A MIRROR. “The necromancer guided a mirror of undead against the invading army, decimating their ranks and providing fodder for fresh recruits.”