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I want more ldr/ milso friends. Its hard to talk to people who don’t really seem to understand what its like being with someone who’s in the military or long distance. If you’d like to be friends I’d really LOVE that! So message me or reblog this!

Have a lovely day! Mwuuah!

throw me a simple, fluffy or even angsty plot about a couple, one is in the goverment forces, (navy, army, etc) and is often sent away. I was pregnancy, I want angst, I want that you harmed government property crap! I want it all.

To the ldr/milso friends I have been talking to.

I’m so sorry for not replying or contacting anyone of you these past few days. I have to say I am no long part of the ldr or milso community. I have found out some news regarding my military “boyfriend”. For the past month I have had no contact with him. I thought he was busy with work getting ready for deployment. NO. I was wrong. He didn’t talk to me for the past month because he was cheating on me. I can’t be mad though. No one told me to give my all to someone. I’m literally heartbroken. Here thousands of miles away.. Gave my heart to someone who I expected wouldn’t take it for granted. I was wrong. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day xoxo


I miss my solider…