25 traits of Starseeds

1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.

2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptilian seeds often are obsesively attracted to these however.]

3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.

4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.

5) A feeling of being very different from most others.

6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with “aliens,” UFOs, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.

7) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.

8) Having an “imaginary” childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.

9) Atraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer colors such as sky-blue and lavender.

10) Acute hearing/above average hearing range.

11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamorous noise.

12) A driving need to get away from “normal” people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.

13) An inner desire and knowing to “do what is right” even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing one’s self in ways that are troubling to others.

14) Hyperactivity as a child.

15) Extreme sensitivity or extreme tolerance to alcohol, medicines, drugs.

16) Creating within one’s own mind “fantasy” worlds that often include alien life, journeys to other planets, and places beyond the stereotypical “fantasies” of earth.

17) Dreams involving flying in bodily form or astral projection.

18) Prophetic dreams, visions, or mental suggestions that later come to pass.

19) Being empathic.

20) Having a desire to heal.

21) Having a desire to try to “save the world” or straighten out problems in the world.

22) A solid belief that there is an all-powerful, all-knowing deity, even though you may not have been taught about “God.”

23) Having a nagging feeling that most religions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are missing some key elements in their teachings.

24) An almost obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings not found in religion.

25) Missing time, extra slow time, or speeding time.


Here’s the latest Nature’s Prophet set by Drysocket and me, made for pro Dota 2 player Ohaiyo c:

There’s quite a few sets for him, so we worked on some new content that hasn’t really been done for him yet.  We have two cape styles (let us know which one you prefer), custom particles on the staff as well as some scrolling glowies, new trees for his teleport, and new ability icons will be finished in the next few days and submitted as well!

Steam Workshop, votes are always greatly appreciated:

Our Facebook page:



I’ve been working on this thing for the past three days straight!  I got this crazy idea for how I wanted everything in the scene to be happening in the shower the other day, and trying to get it all composed in this stupid aspect ratio was kind of a pain, and then I had to do it all on extremely short notice and yeah.

Anyway, here is Furion and Rizzrack being rude to each other.  Now I finally know who he’s facing down in that other picture.