Nation of Gods and Earths

“The White Woman is the Last Trick of the Devil”

what does a black man want more than anything in the world….other than a white woman…..The white man life style

The “last trick” has been The “first tricked”, the raping of black women by white men now day its the black men interracial mixing with the white women

Why don’t people get it?

Don’t you know why they’re using “Mixing” as a tool now. They want to take that AFRICAN out of the AMERICAN, so that you can become assimilated, and then be AMERIKKKAN, that way, they will be able to shut any talk up of black empowerment, and make you one with them, thus KEEPING their power…

while we worrying about power we ain’t seen yet, other minority groups busy uniting and socially organizing amongst themselves and they are busy empowering and reproducing amongst themselves, thus producing a future of power, while people are still stuck on trying to look like, be like, and be around white people…….how in the world are you going to save yourself, and the future offspring have a look, mind, and heart of the one destroying us.

eight shades of black. eight points of the original. the total degrees of all eight points is 360. it takes all 8 shads to build a complete cipher.

black is the color of the universe. black is the cosmos. the blackman is the cosmic man. the purusha. the cosmos. the universe. u and i and the verses of words we speak weaves the fabric of creation. in the beginning god said let there be light, and there was light. fiat lux. lux lucet in tenebris. 

7 is creation. 7 rays of light. 7 octaves. 7 notes of sound. aum. cymatic resonance is the aural foundation of the universe. the verse u and i weave. 7 is god manifest.

the crescent and star is islam, the science of everything. without beginning or end. science is understanding the wisdom of knowledge. everything is cipher…

cipher is zero. zero is empty yet infinite. empty inside. with infinite points in the circumference. zero holds the mystery. x is the mystery. in the emptiness of zero is pi. pi unfolded is infinite mathematical sequence. infinity in emptiness.

emptiness is sunyata. sunyata meaning zero-ness. sunyata is the flow of impermanence. the nothing the quantum flux manifests from.