WISHLIST - SPX Edition Part One!

I wanna start amping up spreading the word about artists and illustrators and creators whose work I’m excited about and enjoy (and I enjoy a lotta things and get really excited!). So I’m gonna share my shopping list for SPX and include where you can get them for yourself too!

1. Natalie Andrewson (A5), Eris - been eyeing this for a while!

2. Sam Bosma (W80-81), The Hanging Tower - everyone is on the lookout for this, I know. It’s gonna be amazing.

3. Kali Ciesemier (W80-81), All My Anime Boyfriends - dunno why I haven’t gotten this before but I think Kali and I share a lotta the same crushes!

4. Rebecca Mock/Annie Stoll/Time Ferrara (B9), Hana Doki Kira and Ode - I gotta see HDK in person for myself finally, and am excited to start Ode from the beginning in print!

5. Andrea Kalfas (W80-81), Tales from Aeaea - pretty risographed covers, amazing character design, and Circe’s backstory? Yes please! (also I gotta get Warlow’s Guide to Wizards, Sorceri & Familiars Arcane if there are any copies left!)

6. Molly Ostertag (B14B), Bacchanalia - I’m a big fan of Molly’s work and wanna see it in print finally!

7. Carey Pietsch (E12B), Rift - Carey is always awesome and funny, and her debut looks amazing! I’m also hopeful to check out her previous comics The Snapdragon Queen and Keepsakes!

8. Richie Pope (W78B), Infinity Block - Richie isn’t tabling but he’s walking around and has his work on Chris Kindred’s table (where I’ll also be checking out his collection Archmage)

9. Roman Muradov (W34-35), (In a Sense) Lost and Found - Guys, it’s Roman + Nobrow. Need I say more?

10. Eleanor Davis (M3-5A), How to Be Happy - Eleanor’s gonna have her NYT Bestseller and I’ll be racing to pick up a copy!

Stay tuned for more on my list (it’s substantial and I’m guaranteed to be broke afterwards)!