Jeżeli miało być NaruSaku…
To gdzie wtedy była Sakura, gdy Pain Zaatakowal Naruto? Oraz Dlaczego kłamała, że przestała kochać Sasuke i polubiła bardziej Naruto? Hinata bezwiednie pobiegła ratować Naruto, bo go kocha. Sakura nic nie zrobiła. Sakura przez cały czas kochała Sasuke! Fani NaruSaku zacznijcie myśleć i nie bądźcie przeciwko Hinacie, tylko dlatego, że ostatecznie jest żoną Naruto.

If you were to be NaruSaku …
That’s where I was Sakura, Pain attacked the Naruto? And why she lied, she had stopped loving Sasuke and Naruto liked more? Hinata Naruto save unwittingly ran because she loves him. Sakura did not do anything. Sakura loved all the time Sasuke! NaruSaku fans begin to think and do not be against Hinata, just because that ultimately is the wife of Naruto.

Ehhhh ……. Sorry… my English….

Judging from all the spoilers i have been reading in the tags


  • Naruto and Hinata get a big relationship development
  • Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship is mentioned quite often.
  • Sakura basically being Hinata’s wingman for Naruto.
  • Hanabi got some fighting action.
  • Sasuke being a boss and defecting the meteors hitting Konoha
  • Hyuuga Clan finally gets some background story.
  • Sakura being a awesome support character. As well as Shikamaru.
  • Naruto’s confession, he falls in love for the first time and its not as silly as his ‘love’ to Sakura after finally realizing his feelings to Hinata when she’s taken away.
  • Sakura basically asking why Naruto likes her when she clearly stated that a woman’s feelings will not be swayed easily confirming her love to Sasuke remaining unchanging, as well as Hinata’s love to Naruto.
  • Hinata ripping out Toneri’s eyes because he stole Hanabi’s.
  • A kiss scene, 2 of them.
  • A wedding at the end of the movie
  • Seeing Bolt and Himawari as babies then as children.
  • Naruto FINALLY not being alone anymore and has the well deserved love he needs. A happy family.


  • ShikaTema, Saino, and SasuSaku have no spotlight shared in the movie, NaruHina basically over shadowed everyone.
  • Toneri, the antagonist being obsessed with marrying Hinata a bit too much of a bad fanfiction imo.
  • Team 7 not even being together in one panel, the series started with them why can’t it end with them too?
  • Sasuke, as well as majority of the characters not having alot of screen time only short cameos. i’m upset about this the most.
  • Naruto’s Talk-No-Jutsu winning over Toneri.
  • Sasuke not even being shown at the wedding. That was a slap to my face, Naruto is Sasuke’s best friend for fuck’s sake.
  • No other new generation kids are shown.
  • Does not even explain the whereabouts of Team Taka, or even Orochimaru and Kabuto