Alton Brown’s Jet Cream Ice Cream

Because you are currently reading a blog about science and food, there is a high probability that you have seen or at least heard of Alton Brown: host of Good Eats and about five other Food Network television shows. There is also a significant probability that you’re a mega-fan of Alton Brown, and if so, that’s something you and us at S&F have in common. As luck would have it, our very own Elsbeth Sites attended Alton Brown Live! in Napa, CA and walks us through the science behind his Jet Cream contraption. Read more…

Photo Credit: David Allen (The Eater)

I just saw a tourism commercial for my hometown (Napa Valley, CA). And they’re like “it’s just such a diverse culture.” Haha NO. There’s nothing diverse about this place. It’s literally just a bunch of rich white people buying overpriced wine and paintings of vineyards and grapes and shit. It’s barely a culture.

Wine, anyone? | photo

So recently my sister got engaged (yay!) and since then we have been planning her wedding, that will be in November later this year. We got together at Opus One to commence the decisions on what this bash lovely wedding will involve. I personally choose not to drink (and I’m also not 21 yet) but my sister, my mom, and my two cousins happily enjoyed a glass.


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