So I have this headcanon wherein Rhage and Mary end up adopting a human baby girl. Fast forward to when his daughter and Nalla are teenagers and Zsadist is talking about his fears for Nalla’s transition, and Rhage goes: “Transition? Our daughter goes through a tiny mini-needing every month and all we can do is throw chocolate and ice cream at her! Last month, Aghony asked her why she was in a bad mood and she cried into the ice cream and then tried to kill him with the scoop!” Ah, human puberty.

Everyone’s talking about Nalla growing up and starting to date and Z being a protective father and stuff. But can we take a moment to appreciate that Qhuinn’s girl will have Qhuinn, Blay and Xcor if he and Layla end up together.. She will literally have three dads.. I’ll just let that sink in.