Tokyo Ghoul RE

Lets see how everyone the original is doing!

Kaneki Ken: Whispering sweet nothings into his own ear. Caring for his children, self denial

Tsukiyama Shuu: Tres Tres calmato.

Touka Kirishima: Serving coffee while internally screaming.

Uta: Thrift shopping

Takizawa Seidou: Making pineapple jam, complaining about people’s balls touching him.

Yomo Renji: Scaring the customers

Amon Koutarou: Possibly floppy

Hinami Fueguchi: Disappointing her parents

Ayato Kirishima: Sacrificed part of his sass to the puberty gods.

Nishio Nishiki: Slithering about

Hideyoshi Nagachika: Sleeping! just sleeping…somewhere

okay okay but imagine kaneki and hide lazing around (cuddling 8) one day and suddenly kaneki notices that hide has freckles. “hide, i don’t remember you having freckles,” ken said. “it’s because you kiss me so much” hide replied and made kaneki confused “what do you mean?” and hide just smiled “you know freckles are angel’s kisses”

[HideKane dj/comic] In Another Life [1/3]

Progress: 1/3 (or even more, i really like this AU)

Part 1 is under the cut, better view can be found here

Part 2

Part 3

Genre: mainly Tragedy/Angst

Warnings:  (will update along with new parts)

Summary: My another AU when Kaneki is the full-ghoul from the very beginning (ah, i mean not Oneshot!Kaneki)

This is the first time i draw a series or a long comic. I’m not sure if i can complete it soon but i’ll try my best! 

Feel free to leave your comments (on my ask box or in your tags), if you like it, please note/reblog, it’ll encourage me A LOT :), and sorry for any grammar mistake.

[My DA]

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gihbright asked:

Punk!Shironeki dating cute Hide, the student council president, is so cute! And imagine that with others, Kaneki is very intimidating and rough, but with Hide is just a nerd who blushes too easy? And every time that Kaneki are intimidating someone and Hide is coming into his way, he just abruptly stop and go out thinking "you are so dumb! He will break up with you...! What should i do? What should i do?". And Hide just laugh and later on he will teasing his boyfriend while they cuddle.

OMG that would be soooo cute! Imagine that Hide pretend to be mad at Kaneki and excuses themselves to the council room, using excuse that he needed to give Kaneki a piece of his mind. Everyone was so relieve that there is somebody that could stand against Kaneki.
Nobody knew that they just do the ‘do’ in the room ( ahahaha teenage year~)