NW Film Center

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Jailbird dir. Steven Cady

My final project for Filmmaking II, starring Hadrian Kindt. Portions of 16 mm footage were required. Vimeo won’t let me embed the video so you’ll have to follow the link to the actual page. 

Portland Film Trip!

Recently I got to go on a field trip to Portland sponsored by my school, the University of Oregon. I’m a Cinema Studies major at this school, and there always seems to be tons of awesome field trip opportunities that I always seem to miss, but this time, I got in! 

First we visited NW Film Center’s School of Film. Here our small group got to see the work the Film Center has done with underprivileged students in making their own film. These short films were very interesting and eye-opening in understanding just how many ways film can speak to others. We also got to see a free screening of The Shining, courtesy of the NW Film Center, and it was such a great experience! It was my first time seeing the film, and where better than to experience a classic film like that than with friends and fellow film students?!

This sentiment continued as we visited Second Story, a studio dedicated to interactive media that really illustrated to me that there are so many different aspects to film and storytelling that I had never imagined before. We saw how engineers, developers, filmmakers, storytellers and more get together to work on projects that really transcend old media forms, like the interactive exhibit at Ford Alumni Center here at U of O.

The last place we visited was Bent Image Lab. Here we got to go behind the scenes and see all the types of work that go into the animation aspect of filmmaking. This was doubly interesting to me as just a week or so later, I got to visit Laika studios, mentioned here, and I got to further experience how animation and stop-motion plays such huge roles in the world of filmmaking and storytelling.

Overall I had a fantastic time, met fantastic people, and I’m so grateful to the University of Oregon Cinema Studies program for hosting such a wonderful trip! Not only did I learn more about my major and the internship opportunities out there, but I also learned of entire new worlds within my field of study that I hadn’t yet explored. 

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We’re looking forward to watching the British Arrow Awards at NW Film Center this weekend. Check out one of the nominees–“Tea” by McCann Manchester for Aldi.