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Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. What does he think he's doing????

let’s hope the HL support group is strong enough to deal with Tao in a uniform (°_°)

okay but what if tao isn’t in the promotional pictures because the nine members are the main team and then they’re like losing towards they’re opposing team and then they’re like ‘aw shit man we really need to win this but idk how because we aren’t strong enough’ and then like taO DESCENDS FROM THE SKY LIKE THE GOD HE IS ON ONE OF THOSE PLATFORM THINGS HOLDING ONTO A POLE AND HE HAS CANDY IN HIS ARMS DRESSED AS A CHEERLEADER AND IS LIKE ‘YOU CALLED’ AND THEN THEY WIN AND Y’KNOW THAT’S WHY TAO ISN’T IN PROMO PICS BECAUSE HE’S THE BIG SPOILER

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If I may with the fic rec? I have 3 recs for you, if that's okay. On lj, chen-centric canon compliant exo-m ot6 shortfic from yeo-ubi with When In China. On ao3, Suho/Kai Mature-rated college k-arts au 100k+ longfic from onyu with one heart is never enough alone and Suho/Tao Explicit-rated star trek au 15k+ from aeryn_unnie with The Only Space (Is The One Between Us). I hope this is okay! I read so many more but these are some of my favorites I remember off-hand. I hope you enjoy and thank you!

Wow thank you!!

BEBEH KO (CHAPTER 7) by Amor Filia (Yesha Lee)

“WHAT’S WRONG with my lips?” tanong ni Shann sabay haplos sa kanyang mga labi.

“Masyadong makapal eh…”

“Masagwa ba?”

“Masagwa? Hindi ah! Just enough. Kung lumiit kang tao, pangit ‘yan eh ang laki mo kaya,” nakangusong wika ni Tat.

He suddenly felt his groin ached. Napangiti siya. Mukhang minu–minuto nang tumutugon ang kanyang kaibigan. Mula nang makasama niya sa iisang silid ang dalaga ay parati…

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