ok yes pale scourage sisters i KNOW but

is nobody else freaking out over the fact that

the endgame might have all of them back on earth again? how is this going to work?

the signs as age of ultron quotes

Aries: “If I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?”

Taurus: *passes out drunk on Thor’s ale*

Gemini: “I can’t actually throw up in my mouth, but if I could I would do it.”

Cancer: “Together.”

Leo: “Fortunately, I am mighty!”

Virgo: “I just pay for everything and design everything, make everyone look cooler.”

Libra: “Here we all are, with nothing but our wit and our will to save the world.”

Scorpio: "The news is loving you, but nobody else is.”

Sagittarius: “This is going to be like finding a needle in the world’s biggest haystack…fortunately, I brought a magnet!”

Capricorn: “I will be fair, but firmly cruel.”

Aquarius: “The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense.”

Pisces: “Cuttlefish! Fish deep in the sea, with lights and big teeth.”

It’s about getting picked on in school, anyone who’s ever been picked on in a big way, or a small way. I just got this vibe one day about how when I was in school I was really shy and sort of picked on, and I swore that I would never pick on people who were picked on. I pick on people that nobody else picks on. People think that song is making fun of some retarded girl but it’s about me! About that feeling of alienation. I was so quiet. I was the quietest person and I got picked on but I CHANGED MY WAYS!
—  Courtney on ‘Retard Girl’ in Flipside magazine, 1990.

fun story: so i always title my google docs really stupid shit like ‘take me to snurch’ and ‘five thousand bees’ when i type up my lab checklists because nobody else will see it and it makes me laugh a bit but since my printer decided to shift everything an inch down the page and put the print job name at the top i might have to explain to my molecular bio lab ta just why exactly the phrase ‘argh my boings’ is printed across the top of the assignment i’m turning in 

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Let's make it fun again! Who is the big spoon?

Big spoon is Carol, most definitely, because while Daryl seems to be the stronger one on the outside, and might even actually be physically stronger than she is, she knows that he is much more emotionally fragile than she is, and taking him in and protecting him against the world while he is asleep, literally having his back, which he trusts nobody else with, helps him feels safe, helps him unwind and relax, which he couldn’t do otherwise.

Thank you! :-) <3

don’t get me wrong, i really really love metal music and it’s been there for me in times when nobody else understood what i was going through and i’ll forever be grateful, but i really fucking despise the idea that if you like metal you’re automatically a poser if you like anything other than that genre. i don’t like metal any less just because i like one direction or disney music or tegan and sara. those things are not mutually exclusive. i can like whatever music i want, everyones taste is different, just because you don’t like something that i like doesn’t mean my taste is bad, it just means that we have different taste.i shouldn’t have to explain myself and make excuses for liking the music i like, it’s nobody’s fuckin business. /end rant

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you're an idiot if you think that nobody's else life matters other than black peoples. MLK would be ashamed of you

Not going to entertain you at all. 😊

Read through the notes and do your research on what I said.

The All Lives Matter is a strategic erasure of Black Lives Matter. All lives don’t suffer lol

“I suffer too” wailed the white man as black people get systematically murdered.

Happy Wednesday!

Private dreams are the most powerful. You have to dream of success to make it happen, and if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. But that doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone about it.
—  Tony McCoy

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Would Loki being in the film make Thor think the Avengers mission was the second most important thing going on?

“No, because it was the dream, and so it would be no problem. First of all, I always make these movies as if the audience hasn’t seen anything else, so nobody should even know that Loki is dead. That’s why I don’t mention that anywhere, but in his dream, who’s going to walk him through his dream? It’s going to be Tom [Hiddleston] as Loki. He’s so important to the mythos, and they’re like, ‘We can’t get Tom. We can’t make a deal. You can have Idris!’ I was like, 'Oh, I love Idris! This is great!’ And then I talked to Tom, saying, 'Just so you know, I feel bad not telling you, and I would never pressure you, but… I really feel like it would be great if you could do this…’ And they’re like, 'But we already have Idris!’ And again, I had no problem there. Everybody’s in!

We even had a little reference to the fact that he’s taken the throne, which was Tom doing his Anthony Hopkins impression when Thor says, 'Oh, what would father say?’ Then Tom does his Hopkins impression, and Thor’s like, 'That is uncanny!’ It’s sort of like his subconscious is telling him that Loki was imitating his father. But he would never make that connection. Anyway, the dreams were awfully long, even though I only got a day to shoot each one, because I made the most out of them. There’s a lot of fun stuff that fell.

I think the film, at the end of the day, maybe should have been two minutes longer, just to let a few things breathe a bit more. I think it was about where it should have been in terms of running time, and the events. I do think I stuffed it a bit full.

Taylor hasn’t noticed me, I’ve never met her, I’ve never even seen her perform live… Yet, she is still the one person I know is always going to be there for me when nobody else is.

I love a woman that's a secret, she's isn't the one that's posting her nudes on social media just to gain attention or to feel noticed. I love a woman who teases on media but once she's yours it's no longer a secret. That woman is a keeper because nobody else in the world sees this woman how you see her.



my photo final went so well!!!!! i was doing a series of 20 prints exploring the concept of engagement and disengagement. after much awkward silence my professor said that everything was very hazy and dream like and in another whole reality, and that i essentially created a photo diary of what it was like to be me. she said that nobody else could have taken photos like that, and they are all very purple. abby helped me sequence them last night and today in class i just told a few tiny stories from my life and was very excited that my professor loved my work so much. also nobody in my class knows what my last name is but they all liked my things except for one person !!

Radiation Sickness

 Sorry it took so long to post!                                                        

                                                           Part 2

Owen closed the door to the on-call room behind him and sighed. He rested his head against the wall, trying to figure out what he needed to do. All he could think about was how Amelia looked as she backed away from Herman in the OR when she was done. How he could physically see the weight of the surgery lifted from her shoulders. How he could tell how exhausted she was by the way her body automatically drooped. How all he wanted to do was go down there, embrace her, and tell her how great of a job she did. 

Before he went to check on Dr. Herman for Amelia, the chief went to the nurses station and made sure that they absolutely did not page Amelia Shepherd under any circumstances. He also told them to try to avoid paging him at any costs, and to only page him if it was an extreme emergency that nobody else could handle. 

Owen walked to Herman’s room in the surgical ICU and observed her through the glass doors. He saw that she hadn’t woken up yet, but Arizona was at her side if she needed anything. 

On his way back to Amelia, he went to get some supplies for her. He grabbed her some Tylenol for her headache, along with some cold water, wet rags, a wash basin, and some other things he thought she might need.  

He quietly opened the door to the on-call room and turned on a lamp. He looked over to see Amelia asleep on the couch with a blanket pulled up to her chin.

He got one of the cold, wet rags and placed it on her forehead to bring down her fever. She sleepily sighed and leaned towards his hand that was keeping the rag on her head. 

“Hey, Amelia, I have some medicine for you. Do you think you can sit up?”

Amelia stirred and moaned, but then quietly said, “Uh huh.”

Owen helped her sit up, and gave her the tylenol for her headache. He helped her drink some cold water and sat with her while she adjusted to the movement of her body. “You weren’t exposed to too high of a dosage of radiation, so you shouldn’t feel like this for more than 24 hours. And as long as you feel like this, I’ll be by your side.”

Amelia smiled and put her hand on his knee, “Thank you. You really don’t have to do that though. You’re such a busy person being that you’re the chief and all, and you have already helped me so much.”

Owen placed his hand on top of hers and gave it a gentle squeeze, “Amelia. You have put your life into that surgery and you just saved the life of one of the most amazing surgeons out there. Not only did you put your patient’s needs in front of yours for the past few weeks, but you have given this hospital such a good name from just the publicity of this. Staying by your side throughout this is the absolute least that I can do.”

Amelia didn’t say anything, keeping her head down and putting her hands beside her on the couch. 

Owen shifted his body and looked at her face, “What’s wrong? What can I do?”

“I-I think I’m going to be sick.”

Owen grabbed the wash basin and held it in front of her, knowing that she would eventually start to vomit. “Amelia, would you like to move into a hospital room where you would be more comfortable?”

She slowly shook her head, “I don’t want any attention.”

He nodded his head in understanding. “Then we will stay in here.”

Amelia started gagging and Owen put his hand on her back, trying to sooth her a little. Once she starting throwing up in the bucket, he pulled her hair back to keep it out of the way. 

She sighed and sat back, trying to calm down. Owen disposed of the soiled wash basin and grabbed another one from a nurse out in the hall. He sat back down on the couch and placed one of the wet rags on her neck. 

“I’m sorry you had to see that.”

Owen rubbed her back, “Hey, it’s no big deal.”

Owen grabbed Amelia’s ponytail off of her wrist and tied her hair back as she began to throw up again. 

Once Amelia hadn’t thrown up for 10 minutes, Owen set aside the wash basin. “Are you feeling any better?”

Amelia looked up at him, “I’m still a little nauseas, but I don’t feel like vomiting anymore.”

Owen began to stand up, “Would you like to move to the bed then? Maybe you can get a little rest. I’ll still stay with you.”

Amelia nodded, “Yes, please.”

He took her hand and helped her slowly stand up. She closed her eyes and swayed a little, grabbing his upper arms for balance.

“Sorry, I’m just a little dizzy.”

Owen put his hands on her waist, “You’re almost there.”

Amelia took a few steps and then leaned against Owen, putting her head against his chest, “I’m so tired.”

Owen already had his arm around her chest, so with his other arm, he placed his hand under her knees and pulled them up so that he could carry her to the bed. 

He placed Amelia on the bed and took off her shoes. He then kicked off his own and laid down behind her, spooning her body so she would feel some comfort. She immediately fell asleep, and Owen played with her hair until he eventually feel asleep along with her. 

Owen woke up when he felt Amelia turn her body around, but kept his eyes closed for hope of a few more minutes of blissful sleep. He opened his eyes when he felt her kiss his cheek, and smiled when he saw that she was looking at him. 

He propped himself up on his elbow, “I take it you’re feeling better?”

Amelia put her hand on his cheek and softly kissed his lips, “Yes, and it’s all because of you.”

Owen smiled, “I could definitely get used to waking up like this.”

even if I wanted to commit suicide I couldn’t, nobody else gon hand feed my dogs like I do

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Why do you dislike modern games?

(This got long and kind of a rant oops, but you did ask lol.) Nobody is making anything new and different, they are all the same rehashed crap. They are made easy for the casual audience and they hold your hand the entire game. It’s not possible for you to get stuck because the game is so linear. If you press a button it will outright tell you the solution. Too short, can be completed in something like 5 hours (and that’s considered a long game now). Too much focus on multiplayer/co-op than a solid single player. Everything is QTE’s, no real gameplay. Loads of cutscenes but no gameplay. More focus goes into “are we representing woman/LGBT/different races?” than “have we added something new nobody else has done before?” and in the case of reboots “are we staying true to the source material?” (of course they aren’t). (I am not saying those issues shouldn’t be included in games, but if you are making a game then you need to concentrate on the gameplay first. Gameplay cannot be a last minute thought hastily tacked on.)

It would be stupid for me to say that in the past people made games for games and not for money, because obviously they did it for money too. But they just felt like they used to have a lot more soul and effort put into them. Games from 1995 up until 2006-8ish have a completely different feel to them than new games. It’s definitely the audience of games that has influenced all these changes, because fewer people used to play games. Now everybody and their parents are playing games and so they have to be catered to (because they’re the ones who will buy it, therefore you must appeal to them or no profit). Which means trash like Facebook games, pay to win and “press X to win”. If somebody released a game now that was similar to a 90′s game, nobody would buy it retail and if it was lucky it might get a niche audience on Steam.

For reference, here are some modern games I liked (and these are actually fairly “old”, welp): Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Civilization 5, Papers Please. And for new releases MGS 5 will be good, I am a MGS/Kojima fan. The last games I got remotely excited for were Duke Nukem Forever and Saints Row 3 (pre-ordered both) and they were both crap, so I have little to nil optimism for the future of games now I guess.

also maybe it’s a case of 
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I think I have solid enough reasons, it can’t just be me getting older lol

I’ve mentioned my series of character paintings before, and I remember when we were having our critique, people kept referring to two of my characters as “he”, and I corrected them saying those characters were women

And someone said “oh, I’m sorry, but they look like men”

and I responded with “they’re androgynous, and that’s intentional”

and you could feel how awkward everyone found me saying that, like androgyny was just this incredibly strange idea to them

and I legitimately think that those two characters ARE androgynous, not masculine (hell, I honestly think Iris is pretty feminine looking? but nobody else does), but the societal DEFAULT is male- if something isn’t explicitly coded as feminine, it’s assumed to be masculine

and I fucking hate that