Lies are like scars on your soul. They destroy you.


Miroslav Klose after the World Cup Final

Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to be with you again very soon.


WonderCon 2014 | Revolution Sizzle Reel - IGN (x)

"We’re gonna steal a train."

FAKE FILM AU SOMETHING → phyllis logan and peter capaldi as something. probably modern macbeths. I would pay a ridiculous amount of money for that.


The way you make me feel is mind-boggling. I’ll never be able to understand how you’ve managed to do it. People usually build a strong connection while being together in person, they get comfortable with each other while being together physically and even though it’s not impossible to do it while not being together physically, it’s quite tough. That mental connection has always been there and perhaps stronger even though it hasn’t been in person. But this is just something else I can’t put into words. 

I don't understand

Why do you feel the way you do? I spent the bulk of the past two years doing damage control on us from what you did. I’ve never raised my voice, let alone a hand to you. I’ve done everything I can trying to make us happy. I certainly wasn’t perfect, but I know I was better than what you think. I was justifiably angry when you screwed me over and it wasn’t unfair for me to ask you to be better than how you were treating me. I honestly didn’t ask for much, but anything from you is clearly too much. I can’t believe you honestly think you’ll be better off with someone who took advantage of you when you were drunk, who told you he thought you were disgusting, and then raped you within the past week. He actually raped you. You do you though.

anonymous asked:

I think the fandom doesn't realize that the guys aren't the perfect cardboard cutouts it assumes them to be. So when one thing goes "wrong" or if something is a little off, a bunch of people start freaking out saying that so & so is on drugs, that the band is gonna break up next week, that everything is going to shit. So many people have the 5 of them so far around a microscope.

I know thank you!! i totally understand constructive criticism because that is important, especially if you want to be treated as real artists, you have to listen to feedback from your fans (which clearly they are starting to do with making the obviously spontaneous decision to play Stockholm Syndrome). But dragging them into oblivion for every little mistake is ridiculous, and then people feed off of the negativity from’s such a nasty cycle, it happened in Australia when the stadiums didn’t sell out and now again…and i really HATE when people blame it on substance abuse because SO SO MANY artists use drugs or drink before performing (some because of anxiety before going on stage and then others for different reasons) and blaming it on them being hungover is so…like… you realize how many other artists (some of your favs too) have performed while drunk or hungover or high…It’s really nasty to pin that as SUBSTANCE ABUSE when you don’t know them and those are real’re not a professional either, you don’t have the right to say they have some kind of drug problem

WOW LEAVE IT TO YOU TO FUCKING RUIN EVERYTHING. I can finally think and do things for myself and you just can’t stand it, can you. I’m never going to be that endlessly responsible, doctor-in-Africa, perfect daughter all your friends have, so can’t you just accept me as your slightly-above-average kid with normal teenage shortcomings and the occasional lapse in judgment?

and you wonder why I’m never home.