Welcome one and all to a 5 hour long lottery type deal where YOU can win up to 20,000,000 bells!

Originally these bells were meant to go to a friend but due to issue’s with her wifi they’re just laying around and it’s causing a bit of a litter issue amongst the town! But I decided if she’s not coming around for a while that’s just fine, I can get more to her later! So let’s commence the lottery!

So in order for this to be a thing, there will be a couple rules! Lets go over them!

  1. You do NOT have to be following me!
  2. You can either like or reblog but doing BOTH will increase your chances!
  3. No giveaway blogs!
  4. You will come to my town to pick them up and I WILL make sure you don’t pick up anything else I might have laying around, if you do I will ask you nicely, and upon refusal or ignoring I will flick the wifi switch and pick a new winner.
  5. If you don’t respond within 12 hours of the message I will pick a new winner
  6. Uhm… I really hope you have Animal Crossing: New leaf if you happen to win. :P

So right now it’s 6 PM where I am, which means this will end at 11 PM tonight on August 24th, 2014!

Enter quick and good luck!