I spent an hour arguing about The Interview with my parents.

And of course they are ll like “how dare they censor us! Kim Jong-Un insulted our president by calling him a monkey! He deserves to be made fun of!”

Like okay he’s a shitty person and I’m not defending him but, 

why would you defend a movie that makes fun of him at the expense of millions of people that are living a nightmare under his regime?

There are millions of people born in concentration camps that live and die there, there are reports of cannibalism, there is brainwashing to such an extent that there is no sense of self or identity, and you are being watched ALL THE TIME. Hard works means nothing. There is no luxury for anyone. Their suffering is REAL and It’s IMPORTANT and its SO CRUCIAL to realize that their agony is not worth reducing to a cheap plot line and to be glossed over with a comedic brush because “this is ‘murica and we can say whatever we want!!1!!”

Why would you put even more strain on our relationship with North Korea just to make a point? Why would you endanger South Korea by aggravating NK to the point where they might actually DO something?

This movie is nothing but racist, ignorant, and completely reducing the people that live in NK’s struggle so that we can crack a few jokes about it’s leader.


Die Flut ist pünktlich - full movie

A German movie worth watching based upon a brilliant short story by Siegfried Lenz

Hiç haberi yok çünkü ilk adımı erkek atar, ilk mesajı attığı gibi.. Garsonla o laubali olur, otobüste ayakta durması gerekenin o olduğu gibi.. Sadece erkekler uzun uzun süzer, çünkü gözler sadece erkeğe bahşedilmiş sanki.. En önemlisi de sadece erkek sever çünkü ayıp diye bi konsept yoktur onlar için, utanma ve gururlarının olmadığı gibi..

Dünyanın en büyük kütüphane cinayeti 1928’de Türkiye’de olmuştur. Bir gecede Türkiye’nin kitapları okunmaz hale gelmiştir
—  Ömer Tuğrul İnançer Hocam’ın her açıklaması birilerinin kafasına sopa gibi inerken, Mü’minlerin gönlüne taht olarak aksediyor. İnkılaplaşmış! zihniyet kaygı duyuyormuş! Hocam sizinle gurur duyuyorum. 

These are the books I intend to read during the holidays - a bit optimistic, I know. But a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I’ve already begun The Well of Ascension, and I gotta say - it’s pretty awesome. Of course it is! But I am already excited for the other books, although I don’t expect to much from Die Achte Karte (Sepulchre). It’s there because of my TBR-jar, and I only just realized it’s the second book of a series - and I haven’t read the first one. But maybe the books surprises me :)

Brandon Sanderson - The Well of Ascensin (Mistborn #2)

NK Jemisin - Die Erbin der Welt (The Inheritance Trilogy #1)

Charles Dickens - Great Expectations

Kate Mosse - Die achte Karte (Languedoc #2)