YOOO MAN what if Amy was a ninja and she never told Sonic (or anyone) and then she had a mission to capture Sonic(or kill.. Whatever makes things more intense). Buttttt Sonic makes it harder for Amy because of his good looks, flirting skills, annnnd a good fighter. Also, Amy realizes she has been getting to know him better. Sonic then finds out her real identity and everything turns into a mess. My life would be complete.

Last November was published the last chapter of Naruto, my all time favorite manga.

I can’t really express what I felt and what I still feel today, but it’s mostly happiness.
This manga never disappointed me, I loved the characters and really got attached to them and their stories.

I’ve always felt close to Naruto for many reasons and today I am grateful I discovered this great manga.

I grew up with Naruto, he’s my hero.

So thank you Masashi Kishimoto, thank you for giving us Naruto :)