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Free Moral Agents “Chaine Infinie”

By Robbin Darling


Free Moral Agents began as a solo project of Grammy Award Winning keyboardist Isaiah Ikey Owens who has done collaborations with Mars Volta, De Facto, Long Beach Dub Allstars, El-P, Mastodon, Saul Williams, Crystal Antlers, Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Hudson Mohawke, Jack White, and that’s just to name a few.


Free Moral Agents is a five piece band with members Isaiah “Ikey” Owens (keyboards), Mendee Ichikawa (vocals, words, melodies), Dennis Owens (bass), Ryan Reiff (drums), Jesse Carzello (guitar)


In 2010 Free Moral Agents released their second full-length record “Control This” and a 10” vinyl collaboration titled “North Is Red” with legendary Fela Kuti drummer and Afro Beat co-founder Tony Allen. Free Moral Agents new release is “Chaine Infinie” (2013) on Neurotic Yell Records, it is an extended single / EP that features 5 new FMA tracks and three separate remixes of the last track “Ageless” from producers Hudson Mohawke, Clavinet and Simple. Ikey Owens adds “There is also a live recording of Ageless the band recorded at Open Books. We brought a full recording studio with the same engineer from Compound Studios and just the feeling of it… you can feel the room, the crowd. The performance is one of my favorites all round it’s a seven-minute version of the song performance and it’s a four-minute song. It’s just upscale and the bands best performance! The audio on it, of course it’s live; I just love the way the recording came out and how it feels, it was a community show.”  I must concur with Ikey Owens that the live performance of Ageless is a perfect representation of FMA’s live shows that I simply adore.


The title track “Chaine Infinie” is a hard stomping beats track with melodic melodies from singer song writer Mendee Ichikawa’s “Lyrically it varies from song to song. I have been writing my entire life, so everything has influence, from the world around me, relationships, politics, and just anything fascinating or relevant. On “Control This” a lot of the songs had nautical themes, Vikings, nature, but there were definitely themes going on that were symbolism to certain moments in life. I feel like most of the songs on this “Chaine Infinie” originated from poetry that I had written over time or while we were touring, that I wanted to turn into a song.”


FMA releases are all available digitally on iTunes.  The New EP ‘Chaine Infinie’ was released 16 April 2013, and the 12” vinyl of ‘Chaine Infinie’ is available for pre-order at the Neurotic Yell Records site.  To stream FMA music you can go to,, as well as a Tumblr and the bands YouTube channel.


**To catch the full band interview in June with Free Moral Agents go to**

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