Can we take a second to just appreciate this living being called Kwang Soo? I mean, the episode ended hilariously, with Big Nose falling and junk but I want to take a moment to point out how Kwang Soo wanted to clear up the misunderstanding he had with Gary and how Kwang Soo even went to go comfort him when the lottery was being drawn. He even went and made sign to tell Gary that he loves him??? This human being is so precious (even though he does betray lots of times and he knows to apologize afterwards) soMEONE PRESERVE HIM.

Also preserve Gary for just being himself. He went and cried because he already had 2 punishments and he didn’t want another (mah bABY DONT CRY)


UGH WHAT THE HELL i wanted to play arkham origins tonight after mom went to bed to buildup for arkham knight and fucking every time an ep of breaking bad ends shes like “uuuugghhh oooohHHHHH MAN i should go to bed…” and then hits PLAY NEXT EPISODE……….

when a certain album feels one way for ages and then it changes for you.

Update: Content at XPChronicles

Update: Content at XPChronicles

Since my latest baby this past January I’ve been slipping away from my blog writing. The reason is simply: time. I’m not very happy with the quality of my writing lately. But I’m also not ready to give it up. Everytime I think about not writing I feel myself shrinking into the quiet Chris from years ago. Who had so much on his mind and so much to say and share, that finding blogging has arguably…

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This is my latest song baby. She was born the first weekend in May and came back from Mastering a week ago. She is definitely one of my more inspired pieces. What does that mean? It means that everything came quickly and easily from the words to the sounds to the recording. I played around awhile with the mix using different vocal…

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