i enjoy stuff like this, there are times when i think im only putting these themes/stories/whatever you wanna call em i my work for myself and there really arent many out there that care to think about them enough to pick them apart and “solve the puzzle”, nice to know these people do exist.

that isnt to say this video shares the same vision i did when designing isaac, but most of it feels like it was ripped from my brain.

its easy to disregard isaac as shock schlock, edgy, pee pee poo poo humor that does nothing more than get weird.. and thats fine because in some ways its all those things.. but that doesnt take away from the games message or intent.

enjoy the vid and thanks for thinking! :)

"I don't know what this is doing here. This wasn't here last time I checked. I've never seen this before."

Sorry, probably just me over thinking things, but with the latest episode of both Yoglabs (and The Sipsco Space Program) and the wonderful fan made theories coming around, I have the greatest urge to write a fanfic.

so in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

when Frollo is doing this

(for those who haven’t seen the movie, he’s burning the city as part of the most dramatic overreaction to a boner in cinematic history)

where in the WORLD is this guy?

That’s Louis XI, King of France in 1482, when Hunchback takes place.

Where is the King while Frollo is burning down the capital city? Shouldn’t he be in Paris? It was the seat of the monarchy at the time.

I should really do my homework and stop overthinking a Disney cartoon, but I feel like this is a legitimate question.

So this is what I do when I’m suppose to be doing hw/something productive, I go and look up Monster High stuff(shut up I love these dolls).

And lo and behold, I find this character name Jackson Jekyll:

And of course, I immediately love how cute and nerdy he is(with a side of hipster to boot). But then I look closer at him and my brain starts thinking…


Yeah.You can ignore me now.Just had to get that outta my system.It’s still a cute character though.

I almost forgot to mention that I got my mock results back yesterday and I got ACDC and I’m standing by the fact that it was completely intentional for that to happen and I’m absolutely not now in a state of crisis over academics vs mental health

anonymous asked:

How did you die in a bathtub?

it was this weird bathtub like the ones in hotels where its a shower/bathtub mix, and basically someone opened the curtain or something and wrapped the shower head cable thing around my neck and i asphyxiated.

i woke up and almost cried and the whole day i basically tried to avoid the bathroom and almost cried in the shower. it was so vivid and i was like the fuck does this mean.. (was a few months ago tho so i’m all good now)