Because I'm curious and this isn't a big enough thing to format as an ask meme or whatever:

You have one of your OCs on each of your shoulders. Reblog with which character is the angel on one shoulder and which character is the devil on the other one.

Alternately: which two characters are the angel and devil on a third character’s shoulders?


nevereatroses said: Cute college Frosh! Where his hair isn’t quite so tamed yet, but he’s cut it some! (If you want)

Oops;; Drew him slightly older than intended and I accidentally added Claire.

montparnasse who prefers if no one touches whatever it is he’s wearing because it is almost always something incredibly expensive that he doesn’t want to be ruined by fingers coated in filth from god knows where - this especially pertaining to things of time enduring value like his top hat

eponine casually sneaking behind montparnasse on the street and snatching his hat straight off his head and planting it on her own and sashaying in front of him with a smug little smile well pronounced on her face

montparnasse almost reaching for his knife on an impulse but immediately stops himself upon realizing who it is and walking with more urgency but nonetheless (only maybe okay) admiring it on her

montparnasse who would kill any other individual just for laying a finger on his hat but allowing eponine to wear it literally until she herself hands it back to him (even if he told himself she would only get to wear it for five minutes before taking it back personally) god he’s head over heels (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

things heard from the bedroom of elphaba and glinda
  • book verse
  • glinda:well look at that, you do have breasts
  • elphaba:
  • glinda:elphie what- elphie we said no teeth nO TEETH ELPHIE
  • musical verse
  • elphaba:take the tiara off
  • glinda:take the glasses off
  • elphaba:i need those to /see/ glinda
  • glinda:and i need this to feel like a princess which do you really think is more important
  • every verse
  • glinda:so... green everywhere huh?
  • elphaba:glinda.
  • glinda:soooo, would you say you're giving me access to your...
  • elphaba:don't you dare.
  • glinda:your /emerald city/?
  • elphaba:new rule no talking during sex
How Dean and Cas’s Journey Through Purgatory Is A Mirror Of Their Journey Now

In a season about perceptions, there’s nothing more akin to perception than a mirror. A mirror reflects you (and you flipped around), and the mirror this season reflects Cas and Dean’s literal and metaphorical journeys through Purgatory, both of which are flipped around.

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"When I started I was just a kid and his laptop."


"No British monarch, has lived as long as Elizabeth the 2nd, traveled as far, met as many people, seen as much change within society and within the monarchy itself."

Princess Eugenie: "The thing about Granny is that she’s moved with the times, and I think people are sort of astounded by her."

"Only one other monarch has celebrated 60 years on the throne; a Diamond Jubilee. But while Victoria spent much of her reign out of sight, her great-great granddaughter understands that a modern sovereign must be seen to be believed. That monarchy is a team effort, and that it will only endure if it remains relevant and useful; with a personal touch too." 



An amazing Kuvira AMV done by remyratio! Personally, I just love this and the way they made it. Kuvira is bae and this video shows exactly that.

I would imagine that croach can sit motionless for hours on end when he has to but when he’s nervous, or what he would equate to being nervous, he’s very fidgety and has to do something with his hands.
Sometimes he folds paper, sometimes he does little weavings, but if he rely needs to take his mind of something he’ll do a bigger project. Knitting for example.

Alternate title: The Proposal 

A requests live stream idea for my lovely Lynn!!! One of her head canons is that Taichi gives Sora a hairpin as a way of asking her to marry him <3

I loved the idea and promised her I would draw it! :D so here it is.

art(c) me

Perhaps there is hope for you after all: a Sheldon/Penny compilation rec post

Because…reasons. I’ve been working on this rec post for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Dedicated to daylightspeaks, for requestion more Sheldon/Penny recs and motivating me to finally get it done lol. 

It’s kind of funny—I haven’t watched this show in years (and I lost track of it somewhere mid-season 3), and yet these two are kind of my comfort-fandom. I keep going back, and they make me feel good. Hell, the fandom made me ship them long before I even watched the show at all. This fandom is pretty amazing, ngl, especially for a ship that the show so enjoys firmly denying (and yet constantly provides a mind-boggling amount of canon material). *siiiigh*

My other recs can be found here. As ever, this is  but the tip of the iceberg; this fandom in particular has a looooot of good material, so do explore. Happy hunting! :)

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Good grief.  The 25th anniversary concert has gleefully marched in and taken over my headcanon.  Thank you.  -.-;;;

Please forgive what may turn into another spate of Les Mis spam.

OK.  So, I’m a bit obsessed with this entire song and specifically with Grantaire’s solo and the aftermath.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t entirely sold on Ramin Karimloo’s Enjolras until this scene.  Lately Aaron Tveit has so overwhelmed my Enjolras headcanon that I’d forgotten he could be played any other way.  And Ramin Karimloo’s Enjolras is… well, he’s a lot more emotive.  He smiles.  And means it.  And shows his friends he actually cares.  It was almost creeping me out a little.

And then this scene happened. 

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