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Sashi, what's going on with the canon timeline? Because I know they skipped a few years but then in "As Time Goes By," it was 2013? Isn't that not right? -Confused Anon

That’s one of the things that SHOULDN’T bother me so much, but good lord does it bother me. It’s just a super continuity error thing that they haven’t cared about at all. The show SHOULD TECHNICALLY be in 2015 right now, because twice now a year has been skipped [between seasons 5 and 6 and again between 7 and 8]. But every time anything shows a date, it’s been the actual real world year, and it BUGS ME UGH.

like it’s not important, obviously. It’s not plot-necessary BUT IT BUGS ME SO MUCH THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TWO YEARS OLDER UUUUGH


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It’s something they’ve been doing since Sam was young enough to toss a ball, something John taught Dean, passed down through the line. Along the way, Sam got distracted, by soccer of all things, a sport where you don’t even use your hands, for crying out loud. As they got older and moved around more and more, Sam lost interest in all sports, getting lost in books and learning, something he never really had to leave behind. 

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