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bbcthree bbcamerica maybe i drew this entire thing just for the last line, maybe it’s none of your business also i drew the last three panels (not that the last panel has any actual drawing) like a month after the rest so that’s why they look different i’d like to think rick was actually kinda sweet and cheesy when they were alone and there wasn’t anyone he had to prove himself to gdi bill you asshole

text transcribed in the captions in case you can’t read my terrible handwriting. i based rick’s hairstyle on the painting in kieren’s room.

About Dorian

The thing about Dorian in the show is that they’re not giving away every part of his character yet.

I know we supposedly saw a Dorian-centric episode emphasizing his hedonism and boredom with everything but his darkness was mostly hinted at in subtle moments through his words and looks more than his actions.

He only shows his real self in tiny moments like when he answers Ethan’s question regarding what he pretends to be. The way he says "Human" is not simply about being immortal. It’s also about how he views himself. His depravity isn’t reflected in context like Victor’s or Vanessa’s.

Then again, in this episode, he shows his true face to Vanessa even more than anyone else. She says he doesn’t give anything away but their conversation during dinner and his words about “seeking” tells us he’s done everything and anything and he can’t find happiness. He thinks he’s doomed to be lonely. The hope in his eyes shows as he talks to Vanessa sums it up.

It’s left to us to imagine how far he’s gone unlike Victor for instance. We are allowed to think that there are absolutely no limits for him. But he hides how all he lived affects him perfectly just like he hides his portrait.So we’ll probably won’t be shown that part of him until we’re shown the painting.

I think the fact that writers are leaving questions and mysteries about these mostly known or “predictable” characters is essential to move the story and the show. So far they’ve been keeping us guessing. They’re placing mysteries and secrets, making revelations at appropriate moments to move the story further.

If they just gave us every part of the character right in the beginning, we’d be barely surprised at anything they do. We already know Dorian, but we have to wait to see how he truly is in this story.

Personally, I’m glad they’re playing around with everyone and that they can keep me curious about Dorian or Victor, even though their book counterparts are mostly well-known.

I honestly adore what they’ve done with Dorian and all the other characters so far.

And Reeve surprises me with his performance (which I feared would be superficial at first) There are only certain moments he lets the true Dorian take a peek and I can’t wait to see more.

The best thing about Penny Dreadful is well… everything. But the dialogue in certain parts almost has a magical quality to it. 

This is mainly because the show is doing an excellent job at using the ShowNot Tell technique and it is carefully adapted to the relationships and interactions. 

So even though there are plenty of dialogues, subtletly is always and beautifully preserved. Which means that sometimes we can miss important details while we’re captivated by the imagery.

And even though we don’t know how their relationship will affect the story, in Demimonde we had another interesting scene with Dorian and Vanessa. 

Dorian: Rothschild’s slipper. The rarest orchid on Earth, and thus the most expensive.
It’s only found in one place, a particular mountain in Borneo.
It can take up to 15 years to bloom.
All that time, perfecting itself.
A lifetime, for six perfect flowers.
Vanessa: How long will it bloom?
Dorian: A moment.
Vanessa: Is it poisonous?
Dorian: Like all beautiful things,
I hope so.

Here, along with Dorian’s apparent interest in Vanessa, who is “hunted by the Devil”, it is once more emphasized that Dorian can sense that she is just as deadly as the flower he is showing her.

She’s (Or more accurately “The Devil” inside her) might as well be just waiting perfect herself before she blooms at the right time. 

The connection they share is definitely intriguing merely because of all the possible routes the show could choose to go with it in terms of moving the story. 

For now, we don’t know if Dorian would be helpful to Vanessa’s condition or destructive but the show hints at his ability to approach what might be fearful for others. 

And personally I really like the image where he, as an immortal, makes her smell deadly flowers without realizing that he’s seeing her as such. 

Since every scene and every relationship in the show seems to be delicately and carefully constructed, we will have to trust that it will be just as impressive and poignant to see these connections reach their potential.