My Best

u know it’s real when u and the bffl accidentally coordinate outfits (exhibitzero)


under appreciated films challenge - favourite character
captain amelia (treasure planet)

- I … don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re … how did I describe them, Arrow?   I said something rather good this morning before coffee.
- ‘A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots’, ma’am.
- There you go. Poetry.


Selena Gomez | Street Style


Type-0 favourite relationship: Kurasame and his problematic children


Miranda Kerr + Street style is life

You drift from person to person. Only ever stopping briefly to explore their shores before being carried away in the tide. You may feel as if you are destined to drift forever. That you will never find anyone who will be enchanted by the fire in your eyes rather than scorched by it. You were born screaming. You were born alone. There is no greater proof than the strength of human hope than the silence in a room upon waiting for a baby’s first breath. You were that baby. All hope was pinned onto your survival. You were born with everything you need to survive encased delicately in fragile bones and papery skin. You may think sometimes that you need someone else to complete you, but you are a hurricane. A force to be reckoned with. Only the brave run into the storm rather than away from it. But, I hope one day you find someone who ties ribbons in your hair, who’s demons play well with yours and just the feel of their fingertips entwined with yours is enough to calm the angriest seas.
—  I wrote this for you // E.E

Let me tell you my cool story
So today we had smth like a family reunion (my uncle’s family came from Norway to visit us) and I had to stay with my cousin for a while. He is only 13 so we haven’t got many interests in common. This lil bitch noticed a pic of Goebbels as my screen lock wallpaper and started to annoy me by asking WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY!? As I’ve already mentioned he’s only 13 so isn’t good in history (especially in the Third Reich’s history) and I decided to get rid of his stupid questions by saying that that’s a German drama actor (not far from truth tho). After a long silence my cousin gave me a cunning look and told: “WELL YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE MADE A GOOD COUPLE”
I think I turned red as a tomato. Fucking imagine me and Joe