Solipsist by Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins’ Solipsist is a poetic testament on the candid and ferocious feelings of pain the human soul feels deep within their body. A memoir composed in a poetic and lyrical prose, Rollins narrates the depressing late nights of an insomniac, the diary of heartbroken soul, and the tales of a tortured artist or philosopher looking for self-affirmation and love simultaneously. 

“I saw the word Solipsist while reading the dictionary in 1993. I was living
in NYC at the time and the word defined how the city made me feel. I worked
on this book in several cities all over the world until 1996. The writing is
obsessive and claustrophobic. To be solipsistic is to totally realize the ego
and the nightmare of utter self-possession. I went for it and it swallowed me

Although Solipsist is considered a memoir, it functions like a meditation on the human machinery of hurt.

Rollins prose’ is cut-throat, edgy, cynical, yet optimistic. His ideas and feelings are raw. This is an authentic, edgy self-help text. Although it doesn’t follow the conventional standards of a self-help book like Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, it tells the truth. Rollins is a true philosopher who seeks inner enlightenment. Although he sulks in negativity, he knows what must be done and said to clean himself from pain. 

If you are having a difficult moment in life and need some faith in humanity and someone to relate to, open Solipsist. This will ease your soul, but make your heart scream. 

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Inuyasha manga-only moments

aka why you absolutely MUST read the manga. This list includes only the most notable moments in my opinion, but if anyone thinks of something else just tell me and I’ll add it to this list! I added only a couple of caps per moments so I also put a link to the chapter if anyone wants to see everything that has been left out ~

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want one?

I love how all these crying anons are coming to me saying I’m hating on cis people simply because I’m telling them to understand the privilege they have above trans people and realize that society doesn’t oppress them like it does trans people. funny that.
there isn’t a such thing as hating on cis people. however, there is a such thing about being angry with the attitude of the general majority of cis people in society who oppress trans people. if you claim to not be one of these cis people, then why are you so pressed? you’re acting like cis men do when women start talking about feminism. if you are truly on our side then you would understand why we say the things we do about cis people. the only time it would be a personal attack on you is if you’re doing exactly what we are talking about.
however, no matter what, if you are cis then you are still benefitting the system of cis privilege. trans people have a right to be angry about that. like I said before, if you support trans people, you should understand why and not take it personally. supporting the community is not about getting a pat on the back, it’s about doing the right thing. there’s no trophy for you simply because you aren’t directly oppressing us. this doesn’t mean you’re being hated on simply because we aren’t making it all about you. learn to understand your privilege and take that into consideration. end of.

Archie Sonic The Hedgehog “Champions” Review

“All said and done, this arc is a real winner. It’s definitely the most complete story of the stories following the reboot thus far. The plot is fairly simple but has enough hooks to create interest, the art is appropriately zany and vivid to match the tone of the arc, most of characters are on point and at their best and there’s just this overall sense of fun that the comic has with the material its using. Any issues I have with the arc are minor at best, and aren’t enough to really alter the fact that this is one of the best that Archie Sonic has put on the table. I’d say this is pretty much a must-read; you don’t need it to understand the ongoing plot since it’s mostly detached from the overarching narrative, but it’s a fantastic display of what makes an entertaining comic tale.”  — VEDJ-F

Read the review here:

Happy Destiel Day!! MUST READ!!!

in honor of Destiel day!! I want to share a fan fic!! This one is very near and dear to my heart Hahahha!!! This fan fic is about 300,000 words long 52 chps!!! I might tag a few people which might enjoy it!! A brief summery is basically Dean is a angel hunter. Angels are portrayed as natives very tribal it’s a very slow build and burn!!! It’s really good please check it out here is the link!!! It also has a lot of fan artist very well done and written!!!

dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you castiel-left-his-mark-on-me

Like really! STOP✋🏾🚫(A MUST READ)
Because I don’t kiss ppl ass, I just enjoy sharing beautiful tattooed women. Models or not! 😌 I had a couple of females come at me sideways over a NAME and like honey if you feel the need to get catty over it, ask to be taken down n I kindly will 😗 I love when some of the women I share come to this page or discover that it’s here n appreciate their photos being shared but some women come on here n act Hollywood. One girl called me a bastard lmfao because her name was up with her photo but I didn’t add the photographer/the makeup artist n so on. Like at the end of the day it’s like “Bitch fuck you n that” n I delete. No time for the bs.

anonymous asked:

You ever think that maybe the reason is because they didn't want to sell out one of the actresses that maybe did not want a SQ photo? Rather than giving in and adding in a photograph with Lana JMO decided to delete all her pics. Xivent just came out with a PR that basically revealed she did agree to all her photo-ops before and now thanks to you guys and the bullying/harassing you did to the organizers and JMO nobody can get anything. You're not entitled to know anything. Now shut up.

1) Please re-read my post. 

2) JMo was most likely not aware of what the photo ops would be before people on Twitter POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY asked her why there wouldn’t be one with her and Lana. Then she must have read the tweets telling her to “ignore the haters” and honestly she must have sighed so loudly she woke up the dog.

THAT is why she cancelled all her duo ops. And in the end, we can speculate all we want, only Xivents has the answer and like I said, they refused to share. No one bullied the organizers, they made themselves look like victims and it was ridiculous. These people are simply not professional at all.

3) Don’t tell me to shut up, I’m not talking. Be more creative next time.

Many of you have written such brilliant AU Bagginshield Fanfics but most undoubtedly my personal favorite has to be The Ghost and Mister Baggins.

I just love how colorful the description grows and how brilliant the dialogue is . The plot is both genuine and rebellious and the characters show such an appeal to their original format- from “The Hobbit”- I just love it! 

It’s unique and yellow and AMUSING!!!! It has made me both  laugh and cry in less than four chapters and has filled my mind with the most powerful sensation of happiness.


anonymous asked:

are you vegan or veggie? i ask because you must care about animals reading the bee post xxxxx

i am vegetarian and i’m also lactose intolerant so i can’t eat dairy but i do like eggs a lottttt!!! but we get them from a local farm near where i live or sometimes my neighbor and both of them are really kind to their hens (i even helped raise my neighbor’s hens from when they were lil bbys so cute ah) xxx

why is henna even a trend? i used to get it done all the time when i was little and the girls in my class would always say it looked weird or “dirty.” now those same girls are the ones going to festivals wearing bindis and henna and getting random ass tattoos in arabic that they can’t even read. it must suck having no culture of your own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

What do you think Dylan wanted to die so bad? There`s was nothing he wanted so much to keep alive? Goals or something? And do you think suicide is selfish for the family of the victim?

*shakes head* Dylan had been entertaining death for years. There is an amazing piece out there on existential dread in gifted adolescents that is a must-read when it comes to comprehending some of the mechanisms that may have informed Dylan’s ongoing flirtation with death. It’s not so much that he didn’t want to be alive, but rather than he didn’t want to be alive here doing these systematic things that meant absolutely nothing to him. Dylan contemplated life, the universe, the meaning of everything and nothing, the everlasting contrast he witnessed as a separation point – he seems to have wanted to explore any answers he could find to those thoughts, anything that would lend existence itself the greatest value. But most of all, I believe Dylan wanted to be his own agent deciding such an important event as his own death. He wanted to be its architect. There were goals in him, on a deeper level, to truly come close to understanding that existential dread and.. overcoming it. To shape his own life to a meaning only he could comprehend, and to have his death be a victory rather than the defeat humanity tends to see dying as. I believe he struggled to find meaning for years. The presence of death was something he walked with for longer than just than one day at the end of his life.

I don’t believe I would ever call suicide that. Selfish, is it really that? It’s something that feels selfish, certainly, when someone leaves you like that.. but isn’t it selfish, too, to want them to stay here against all their wishes and hopes? To push your will to make them stay onto them, to want to deprive them of the agency they have over their own death and suffering? I believe there are always mutually selfish notions in suicide in that one person elects death over life and the other person elects life over death – and both often do this against all better reason, judgment, feeling, and objectivity. There is an intense hurt in being left alone by someone who chose to end their own life. That kind of pain is indescribable, especially when they were an important person to you and they were someone you loved for all the days you ever knew them even if you argued non-stop half the time. But I can’t call the decision selfish, because I am not that person. I don’t know their pain or anything else. I can’t make them stay. And it’d be selfish of me to want them to stay, too.

2015 Must Reads: I’ve put together a selection 10 books that I must read in 2015. These are mostly books that I’ve owned for a while which have sat in my TBR. If I don’t manage them all, I hope to read at least 6.

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