Dependency… is the opposite of dignity… It is only justice, not charity, that will end poverty.

The brilliant and wise Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen Fund, moderates a magnificent discussion of belief and dignity at the Skoll World Forum. 

Novogratz’s book, The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World, is an absolute must-read. 

Day 2 of #BookBaristasBirthdayChallenge on Instagram 

Books that made you cry - ME BEFORE YOU by Jojo Moyes (on sale for only $2.99!) & BURYING WATER by K.A. Tucker 

You know what I’m so sick of trying to be there for someone that just takes advantage all the fucking time. She picks and chooses when it’s convenient to have me in her life. She’s done nothing but mess with my feelings & emotions for the last 7 months, it’s absolutely draining. I’m actually in love with a girl who treats me like complete shit one day, yet can be so lovely the next. I’m done.

grammarsaveslives replied to your post and said: so basically you are in a hospital ward with Robert Baratheon


So the forgotten bit: he was chatting away before he left about battles he has fought in and I did not pay much attention but he said Battle of the Bells which I knew I knew but I could not place right away (I will play the sick card). When I remembered I laughed so hard I got funny looks.


ana0990 asked:

JA fanfiction question about Caine and Jupiter. WHY on earth is Caine the sub in all the fanfictions I'm reading? I must be missing something, I admit to liking the tables turned, but at the same time think it be nice to explore a bit of wildness on his part. Pondering and reading looking for ideas on writing a fan fiction.

I don’t read Caine/Jupiter fic personally so I’m sure some of my followers who do can offer you a better informed answer, but I would imagine it’s because of the strong dom/sub vibes given off by the film. Caine is very subservient to Jupiter, always acquiescing to her demands/requests and playing along with her when she playfully asks to be called “Your Majesty”.

While he’s obviously a very powerful character in terms of his physical strength and fighting prowess, it’s interesting that most (female, at least) viewers left with the impression that he would completely submit himself to Jupiter. It’s a very unusual take-away to have of the physically strong male lead of a sci-fi movie, and it’s probably an element of the film’s appeal for many - it offers a very different kind of relationship to the ones we’re used to seeing (where it’s usually the man who leads).

Having said all that, can anyone rec any fics where Caine is more wild/assertive/powerful?

Thanks @entertainmentweekly for putting Difficult People on their Summer Must List! Read the Q&A with me and @julieklausner in this week’s issue! Starts Aug 5th on @hulu!

Correction to Timeline for S3 E3

So I was re-watching Murder and Mozzarella last night because of course I was and the damned buffering finally cleared up enough for me to get a really good look at Nonna Luisa’s bank ledger. (When she shows it to Jack on the chaise.)

While there were several entires in a row that read July (must have been where my eye went) the last one is definitely August 1st. She made the withdrawal the day before she died, So, the episode begins on August 2nd and lasts 3-4 days based on Jack and Phryne’s outfits.

This is somewhat of a relief because I thought they were trying to pack way too much into one month. But, it’s also sad because the whole Compton thing did take place in July - though we don’t know exactly when. Jack may have been battling his demons for several weeks, which isn’t something I love to consider.

I’m going back to edit the original post but will simply cross the original and update with the new, correct information. Cheers for reading!

Amazing, must-read on Chinese StandUp Comedy

from yesterdays NY TIMES. So much good stuff in this piece, but my favorite might be the scene from a comedy class at a Beijing Comedy Class (”…Xi nodded encouragingly. The last student went on: “For example, ‘I read a book that says smoking is bad for your health — so I quit reading.’ ” The group applauded.”)

As a chaser, here’s a collection of all of Joe Wong’s Letterman Sets.  I am ashamed I had never heard of this guy, but if you’re a fan of the absurdist 1-2 punch of Steven Wright and Mitch Hedberg, but you wish it was filtered through a wide-eyed immigrant experience, I have just made your day.

Will You Come Back? (Wenhan of UNIQ)

A/N: I was suddenly hit with some sad feels (because of this / a must listen as your read) so I decided to write this.

“Mommy, when is daddy going to come back?”

I froze.


She wanted Wenhan to come back.

I smiled and moved her hair out of her face, “Daddy’s going to be away for a while. He won’t be back until a very long time, honey.”

She frowned, “But I really miss daddy. I want to see him… Why’re you crying, mommy?”

I blinked and noticed that I had began crying. I brushed them off and feigned a smile.

“Go to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.” I kissed her forehead and turned off the lights.

“Goodnight, mommy. I love you.”

“Goodnight, darling. I love you too.”


I sat on the lonely bed, wondering what was going to happen in the future. Staring out the window, I reminisce those late nights when Wenhan would come home from work. Though he was tired, he always had a smile on his face.

He always managed to gather up his energy to kiss our daughter good night, and to spend time with our unborn child. He was so excited to find out the gender.

“Wenhan, be gentle! You’re going to wake her up!” I scolded him as he brushed his hand through Ju’s silky, black hair.

“She’s so beautiful, just like her mother.” he smiled at me. He took my hand and we went to our room. Helping me onto the bed gently, he quickly laid on the other side.

He placed his ear onto my bump.

“Baobei, can you hear baba’s voice? Baba can’t wait until he meets baobei, You’re going to be so beautiful like your mama, or very handsome like your baba.” he started a one-sided conversation with my bump.I chuckled.

“See? Mama thinks baba is crazy. Baobei doesn’t think so, right?”

I rubbed my belly as he kept talking to it. 

I adored moments like those. I never wanted them to end.

But on that rainy night, someone took him away from us. Someone who decided that it would be fine to drive under the influence.

Wenhan couldn’t break in time when his car came in contact with the drunk driver’s.His car ended up swirling off the bridge.

I remember when I received the call from the police station. I hurried to the hospital…just to find his lifeless body.

My heart broke into a million pieces that day. I was mad. I was angry. I wanted to kill whoever had done this to my husband. To whoever had done this to my children’s father.

I couldn’t gather up the courage to tell Ju that day about her dad, and I still can’t even today. With his funeral coming closer and closer, I didn’t have the heart to tell her about her father.

Wenhan, will you come back?

A/N: OMG I think Imma cry. I was gonna actually make it like Wenhan had cheated and went away with his lover, but the music got to me and I ended up with this. I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

Just want to tell you that I really enjoyed 50 shades of Ereri and am looking forward to the whole storyline! Thank you and your gang for producing such wonderful work! I really love the 2D with 3D touch! I hope you guys will make it big someday if that's what you wish for!

I must read this ask while I was sleeping that day…

Sorry for late reply. I love 2D world with a bit 3D touch too, but most real world stuff or memes are just too mature for animations. If I do so, it needs a good story to support the picture. It usually takes time to think~

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I TOLD u Ferguson looked like she was affected by Jodie’s confession at the hearing! Look at this screenshot! We know Jodie is in the Prison Asylum so obviously Ferguson is going to be visiting her! 

This show just never ends with the surprises. This screenshot… wow…

Here is a stunning new article on Wentworth and Rabe (the source of my picture)

And Pamela Rabe Fans@rabeisqueen ! If u reading this U MUST read that article. U have been linked as “Pamela Rabe’s Fans on Twitter” :-D

2015 Must Reads: I’ve put together a selection 10 books that I must read in 2015. These are mostly books that I’ve owned for a while which have sat in my TBR. If I don’t manage them all, I hope to read at least 6.

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