Musica Campesina


Musica Campesina will have its U.S. premier at the Nashville Film Festival on Sunday, April 17th.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting a trailer for this, cuz I know a couple of people in this movie, and one of them seems to have a pretty significant part.  But now all I’m left wondering is if the phrase “musica campesina” is Spanish for “shirtless Cathcart”.

Pretty excited I came across this movie tonight– about a Chilean guy living on a whim in Nashville, trying to make sense of this funny country we live in. Makes you realize that, as an American, however weird you might already think this country is, it’ll seem all the more weird through the lens of a foreigner. This is a really fun film to watch. And if you’re a lucky gal like me and have a pal’s HBO Go password, you too can watch it right now.