Under the Plastic Palms

she plays

hard art and all

stands up for her beginnings

naked her soul comes

getting off and out in paintings

her landscape has become my minds playground

trees stand alone in the garden of her mind

limbs long wide open with leaves of falls palette

she’s hiding her hurt just slightly behind it

dry mouthed and at a loss to find another world

to play in

so through her word garden I go

to play with

to dance with

this girls words now unfolding

Chris Bones Amey              Sep/16/14


Proof that 90% of the roleplayers on this site are actually 


Closed RP: grell-grell-grell

Sebastian sat perched on a roof, his pitch black wings out in the open. Ciel was asleep, so he decided to go out for a fly, which he never gets to do. The cool, night air fanned his feathers, making it feel amazing. He sat there for a while, in an attempt to relax. His daughter, Madison, was with him too. Her dark purple feathers sheltered her from the wind, blowing in her direction. Both her and her dad sat on the ledge of a building they found to be the perfect spot for a rest. grell-grell-grell

The lovely muses from #Hercules!! Can you tell I’m excited for the movie to come out on the 25th!? Thank you to @thrillajay24 for the wonderful idea. Who else is going on opening night??? 😁 #herculesnails #herculesnailart #herculesmusenails #muses #muse #musenails #musenailart #nailart #nailpromote #clairesaccessories #salonperfect #nailpolish #mani #nailartinsta

Large (Wikimedia)

Though Lionel Noël Royer indeed was, as Christie’s reports, “[a] pupil of both Alexandre Cabanel and Bouguereau,” The Muses’ Garden (of all his compositions) probably betrays that affiliation least.

Though the golden glow of the landscape, the elegant white drapery worn by the muses, and the classical theme itself all suit Royer’s teachers, the landscape-like composition and casual subjects very much depart from their usual styles.

For that matter, though, the painting also marks a departure from a traditional depiction of the muses. Though by no means identical, none of the nine muses are individually identifiable. Their costume—and the setting—is, additionally, really quite tame. And while Minerva appears, she does so in bronze.

Essentially, it looks for all the world like an outdoors gathering of 19th-century classical enthusiasts: intellectual, probably, but hardly mythical.

Eternal Nature-Modern!AU

Madison could feel little raindrops fall on her as the clouds above her turned dark. She begun to shiver, hugging her coat close to her as she checked her phone. It was past 11 at night. ‘Where the hell was he?!’ She wondered. Right then an umbrella cascaded over her, causing her to snap her head to who it was. “You ass, why are you so late..?” She punched none other, than Grell Sutcliff, in the arm playfully.