Murdered: Soul Suspect


Murdered: Soul Suspect Coming to Xbox One [UPDATE] and it seems PS4

Microsoft has snagged a deal with Airtight Games Murdered: Soul Suspect. It seems to be a pretty interesting take on the adventure genre, putting you in the role of a ghost trying to figure out who the hell killed you. Expect more details soon on Murdered: Soul Suspect.


Murdered: Soul Suspect from Airtight Games(Dark Void, Quantum Conumdrum) and Square Enix.

Described as if “Die Hard” met “Ghost” by the game’s senior producer Eric Studer, Soul Suspect is a mystery adventure game about a detective with a sketchy past named Ronan O’ Connor. Ronan gets killed while investigating a burglary and comes across his body on the street as a ghost. 

Soul Suspect is set in a fictionalized version of Salem, Massachusetts. Ronan now exists in The Dusk, the in-between world of the living and dead. He must solve his own murder while searching for clues to the mystery in the Dusk. 

The gameplay focuses on investigations and exploration. There’s also combat, with facing some demon spirits using  paranormal powers from the other side.   

Soul Suspect will release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2014. 

Watch this video showing more gameplay details. 

Images by Square Enix